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  1. Abuse, Attachment and Animal Assisted Activities

    In the effort to take responsibly and effect positive change in the lives of our children, we must begin by identifying and applying the most effective methods to help them overcome obstacles to mental and emotional well-being. In conjunction with a limited number of quantitative studies,...

  2. Interspecific attachment: social bonds between humans and their 'best friends'

    Attachment refers to an individual seeking and maintaining close proximity to another individual. Although, relatively few studies have examined attachment in an interspecific context the human-dog bond has recently gained a great deal of attention, as this relationship has been subjected to...

  3. Discovering the Meaning of the Experience of Interacting with Horses

    The literature on the human-animal bond is vast and has focused mainly on the bond between humans and their pets or small companion animals. However, within the literature, few studies exist that explore the human-horse interaction. Furthermore, studies that specifically examine the human...

  4. Silent supporters : understanding clients' lived experiences of animal-assisted therapy in counselling

    The human-animal bond has long been a topic of interest for both researchers and clinicians. There are many studies that support the benefits of animals with regards to humans’ psychological and physical wellbeing, such as improved mental and physical health in pet owners and the use of...

  5. Pets Helping People, Inc.

    Pets Helping People is a not-for-profit  501(c) 3 organization established in 1998 on the premise that dogs, through their unconditional love and acceptance and acute senses, when paired with a compassionate human can be a remarkable source of companionship, inspiration, motivation and...

  6. Families and their ghosts

  7. Dog Daze

  8. playing with pets

  9. Animal instincts

  10. Horses that Heal at the High & Mighty Therapeutic Riding and Driving Center

  11. Narrative synthesis of equine-assisted psychotherapy literature: Current knowledge and future research directions

  12. Want to Get Happier?

  13. Grief following pet and human loss: Closeness is key

  14. A New Antibiotic

  15. Motivation to use animal assisted therapy among psychotherapy and counselling graduate students

    Though there is evidence of the benefits of incorporating Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) in counselling, this therapy is obscure to many Canadian students. This online study explored Canadian counselling and clinical psychology graduate students' attitudes toward, and perceptions of, AAT....

  16. Stress reduction and attachment in military veterans: Benefits of the veteran-canine bond

  17. Human-animal relationships

  18. Horses in Education

    Horses in Education has successfully and proudly been providing equine therapy to Indiana residents since 2010. We boast some of Indiana’s most qualified instructors and our staff is respected for its patience and expertise. Our horses have been well trained and must meet rigorous standards...

  19. Hope Haven Horse Farm

    Through the use of innovative and responsive equine therapy techniques, both on and off the horse, Hope Haven seeks to improve the confidence, self esteem and physical mobility of the people we serve. We believe that the safe, responsible use of equine therapy programs will improve the lives of...

  20. Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources, Inc.

    Agape serves all kinds of individuals and groups including families with special needs, at-risk children and youth, and seniors. We have programs specifically designed for schools, churches, senior communities, veterans, and community centers. Experience something unlike anything before.Our...