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  1. Animal-assisted therapy

  2. Animal-centered learning activities in pharmacy education

  3. Voice of the Analyst. "Only in the meeting": an unexpected visitor

  4. Pet ownership among persons with AIDS in three Florida counties

  5. Evaluation of the effect of signalment and body conformation on activity monitoring in companion dogs

  6. Use of geospatial neighborhood control locations for epidemiological analysis of community-level pet adoption patterns

  7. Comparison of clonal relatedness and antimicrobial susceptibility of fecal Escherichia coli from healthy dogs and their owners

  8. Introduction

  9. Managing emotions in an animal shelter

  10. The unnatural world: behavioural aspects of humans and animals in the process of domestication

  11. Animals in medieval perceptions: the image of the ubiquitous other

  12. Animal abuse and developmental psychopathology: recent research, programmatic, and therapeutic issues and challenges for the future

  13. The role of animal-assisted therapy in clinical practice: the importance of demonstrating empirically orientated psychotherapy

  14. Guidelines and standards for animal selection in animal-assisted activity and therapy programs

  15. The animal-human bond: health and wellness

  16. Methods, standards, guidelines, and considerations in selecting animals for animal-assisted therapy

  17. From trust to domination: an alternative history of human-animal relations

  18. Animal-assisted therapy and the study of human-animal relationships: discipline or bondage? context or transitional object?

  19. Attitudes, knowledge and behaviour toward wildlife among the industrial superpowers: the United States, Japan, and Germany

  20. Cruelty and kindness to the 'brute creation': stability and change in the ethics of the man-animal relationship, 1600-1850