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  1. Dog ownership satisfaction determinants in the owner-dog relationship and the dog's behaviour

  2. Development and psychometric testing of the Canine Owner-Reported Quality of Life questionnaire, an instrument designed to measure quality of life in dogs with cancer

  3. The communicative role of companion pets in patient-centered critical care

  4. Comfort at the crossroads: Service, therapy and emotional support animals in the intensive care unit and at the end-of-life

    2018J Trauma Acute Care Surg846978-9842163-075510.1097/ta.0000000000001877engFrom the Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery (N.M., J.L.P.), Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Critical Care and Hyperbaric...

  5. Animals and Organisations: An Ethic of Care Framework

  6. Animal-Facilitated Therapy Program: Outcomes from Caring Canines, a Program for Patients and Staff on an Inpatient Surgical Oncology Unit

  7. Animal-Assisted Therapy for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Lessons from "Case Reports" in Media Stories

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    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can follow war trauma, sexual abuse, other traumas, and even be experienced by commanders for the PTSD of their subordinates. Medications and counseling are sometimes not effective, so new treatments are needed. Some years ago, I suggested that...

  8. [Animal-assisted interventions in acute inpatient geriatrics]

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  9. Animal Companionship and Risk of Suicide

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    2018Epidemiology294e25-e261044-398310.1097/ede.0000000000000817engDepartment of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London, London, United Kingdom, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United...

  10. Using research on self-regulation to understand and tackle the challenges that owners face helping their (overweight) dogs lose weight

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  11. Assessing Quality of Life for Pets with Dermatologic Disease and Their Owners

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  12. Stress, security, and scent: The influence of chemical signals on the social lives of domestic cats and implications for applied settings

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    Although millions of cats live among humans worldwide the scientific community knows relatively little about cat behavior and cognition. Olfaction is an important perceptual sense for many members of Carnivora, however the role of chemical signals in cat social relationships is not fully...

  13. Lessons from Listening to Horses | Lucinda Vette | TEDxOshkosh


    The story of Cimarron, a former drug-running horse turned "teacher," illustrates the evolving role of the horse/human bond; and provides an inspiring framework for living and leading effectively, and from the heart, in an interconnected world. Lucinda Vette, an Oshkosh native,...

  14. El vínculo entre el ser humano y los animales: aspectos psicológicos y psicopatológicos


    Los animales de compañía ocupan un importante lugar en las sociedades occidentales. Así pues, tiene sentido que se preste atención a la influencia que estos animales ejercen en la sociedad, desde los problemas generados por la convivencia con animales de...

  15. 'I want to bring him from the aeroplane to here': The meaning of animals to children of refugee or migrant backgrounds resettled in Australia

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    Separation from animals with whom children have caring relationships can lead to considerable loss and grief, perhaps especially in the case of migration. This article reports on a thematic analysis of interviews undertaken with children of migrant or refugee backgrounds who had resettled in...

  16. Owners' Attitudes, Knowledge, and Care Practices: Exploring the Implications for Domestic Cat Behavior and Welfare in the Home

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  17. Owner personality and the wellbeing of their cats share parallels with the parent-child relationship

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  18. Dog handlers' experiences of therapy dogs' impact on life near death for persons with dementia

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  19. Conditions for pets to prevent depression in older adults

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  20. Clinical Trial for Stuttering Treatment: pilot study about dog participation in the therapy session

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