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  1. A network perspective on animal welfare

  2. Welfare of broiler chickens reared under two different types of housing

  3. A critical review o f animal-based welfare indicators for polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in zoos: Identification and evidence of validity

  4. Development of a list of terms in Brazilian Portuguese for the Qualitative Behaviour Assessment of broiler chickens

  5. Keel-bone fractures are associated with bone quality differences in laying hens

  6. Perceptions of animal welfare and exotic pet ownership in China

  7. Your happiness or mine: Influence of affective states and level of contact on public perceptions of elephant tourism

  8. We demand compromise: which achieves more, asking or small or large changes?

  9. Application of a welfare assessment tool (Shelter Quality Protocol) in 64 Italian long-term dogs' shelters: welfare hazard analysis

  10. Development of a welfare assessment protocol for dairy calves from birth through to weaning

  11. Can biomarkers of biological age be used to assess cumulative lifetime experience?

  12. Prevalence and severity of tail lesions as a possible welfare indicator for rabbit does

  13. The effect of cage size on stress levels in captive green anole (Anolis carolinensis)

  14. How best to improve farm animal welfare? Four main approaches viewed from an economic perspective

  15. Technical contribution: a cautionary note on the use of behavioural diversity (H-Index) in animal welfare science

  16. Humans can identify cats' affective states from subtle facial expressions

  17. A systematic review o f the potential uses of on-animal sensors to monitor the welfare of sheep evaluated using the Five Domains Model as a framework

  18. What do animals want?

  19. A bibliometric analysis of past and emergent trends in animal welfare science

  20. Preference for heights of feeding troughs in mares: a pilot study