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  1. Can on-farm animal welfare explain relative production differences between dairy herds?

  2. Conceptualising dog owner motivations: The Pet Care Competency model and role of 'duty of care'

  3. Efficacy of an interactive apparatus as environmental enrichment for common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)

  4. Effects of environment and breed on growth performance and meat quality of fattening pigs

  5. A comparison of behavioural methodologies utilised to quantify deviations in piglet behaviour associated with castration

  6. Trough half empty: Pregnant sows are fed under half of their ad libitum intake

  7. Gender and job characteristics of slaughter industry personnel influence their attitudes to animal welfare

  8. Tree cover and injurious feather-pecking in commercial flocks of free-range laying hens: a follow up

  9. Test-retest reliability of the Welfare Quality (R) animal welfare assessment protocol for growing pigs

  10. A survey of animal welfare experts and practicing veterinarians to identify and explore key factors thought to influence canine and feline welfare in relation to veterinary care

  11. Investigating the welfare, management and human-animal interactions of cattle in four Indonesian abattoirs

  12. Effects of stocking rate on measures of efficacy and welfare during argon gas euthanasia of weaned pigs

  13. Lambs show changes in ear posture when experiencing pain

  14. Effects of carprofen, meloxicam and butorphanol on broiler chickens' performance in mobility tests

  15. Standardising the assessment of environmental enrichment and tail-docking legal requirements for finishing pigs in Europe

  16. Relationship between behavioural diversity and faecal glucocorticoid metabolites: a case study with cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus)

  17. Farmer attitudes to injurious pecking in laying hens and to potential control strategies

  18. The effects of feeding space on the behavioural responses of cattle during rest periods offered as part of long-distance transportation

  19. Evaluation of the efficacy of a non-penetrating captive bolt to euthanase neonatal goats up to 48 hours of age

  20. Rehoming of pet rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in Sweden: an investigation of national advertisement