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  1. A review of population control methods in captive-housed primates

  2. Using technology to monitor and improve zoo animal welfare

  3. Attitudes of beef producers to disbudding and perception of pain in cattle

  4. Assessing dairy cow welfare at the beginning and end of the indoor period using the Welfare Quality (R) protocol

  5. The willingness of conventional farmers to participate in animal welfare programmes: an empirical study in Germany

  6. The Welfare Quality (R) assessment protocol: how can it be adapted to family farming dual purpose cattle raised under extensive systems in tropical conditions?

  7. The concept of behavioural needs in contemporary fur science: do we know what American mink (Mustela vison) really need?

  8. Factors affecting the ability of sheep to rest during time in markets in Great Britain

  9. Behaviour of free-range laying hens in distinct outdoor environments

  10. Determination of swine euthanasia criteria and analysis of barriers to euthanasia in the United States using expert opinion

  11. Inter-observer reliability of Qualitative Behavioural Assessments (QBA) of housed sheep in Norway using fixed lists of descriptors

  12. A meta-analysis on the effects of the housing environment on the behaviour, mortality, and performance of growing rabbits

  13. The effect of age and method of gas delivery on carbon dioxide euthanasia of pigs

  14. Technical contribution: evaluation of the efficacy of a non-penetrating captive bolt to euthanase dairy goat kids up to 30 days of age

  15. Zoo foraging ecology: development and assessment of a welfare tool for captive animals

  16. Survival rates o f cat-attacked birds admitted to RSPCA wildlife centres in the UK: implications for cat owners and wildlife rehabilitators

  17. The effect of environmental provisioning on stress levels in captive green anole (Anolis carolinensis)

  18. Mortality resulting from undesirable behaviours in dogs aged under three years attending primary-care veterinary practices in England

  19. The efficacy of novel rope flavours as environmental enrichment for stalled gilts

  20. Examination of enrichment using space and food for African elephants (Loxodonta africana) at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park