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  1. Relation between pet ownership and heart rate variability in patients with healed myocardial infarcts

    Contributor(s): Friedmann, E., Thomas, S. A., Stein, P. K., Kleiger, R. E.

  2. Reflections: A little dog shall teach them

    Contributor(s): Freeman, L. H.

  3. Animal-assisted therapy

    Contributor(s): Stanley-Hermanns, M., Miller, J.

  4. Animal-centered learning activities in pharmacy education

    Contributor(s): Lust, E.

  5. Voice of the Analyst. "Only in the meeting": an unexpected visitor

    Contributor(s): Gerardi, J.

  6. Pet ownership among persons with AIDS in three Florida counties

    Contributor(s): Conti, L., Lieb, S., Liberti, T., Wiley-Bayless, M., Hepburn, K., Diaz, T.

  7. Evaluation of the effect of signalment and body conformation on activity monitoring in companion dogs

    Contributor(s): Brown, D. C., Michel, K. E., Love, M., Dow, C.

  8. Use of geospatial neighborhood control locations for epidemiological analysis of community-level pet adoption patterns

    Contributor(s): Patronek, G. J.

  9. Comparison of clonal relatedness and antimicrobial susceptibility of fecal Escherichia coli from healthy dogs and their owners

    Contributor(s): Stenske, K. A., Bemis, D. A., Gillespie, B. E., D'Souza, D. H., Oliver, S. P., Draughon, F. A., Matteson, K. J., Bartges, J. W.

  10. Medicine and the arts. All Things Wise and Wonderful [excerpt] by James Herriot. Commentary

    Contributor(s): Shea, S. L.

  11. Long-term effect of housing method during the first three months of life on human-animal relationship in female dairy cattle

    Contributor(s): Mogensen, L., Krohn, C. C., Foldager, J.

    To investigate the effect of housing during the first 3 months of life to the end of the first lactation on the human-animal relationship and milk production, 80 female dairy calves were housed either in open single pens (SOpen), closed single pens (SClosed), calf-groups (GCalf; 5 calves per...

  12. The effect of service dogs on the improvement of health-related quality of life

    Contributor(s): Shintani, M., Senda, M., Takayanagi, T., Katayama, Y., Furusawa, K., Okutani, T., Kataoka, M., Ozaki, T.

  13. Psychological and physiological responses to stress: the right hemisphere and the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis, an inquiry into problems of human bonding

    Contributor(s): Henry, J. P.

  14. Ethics in human-animal relationships

    Contributor(s): Antonites, A., Odendaal, J. S. J.

    Reactions to ethical matters related to human-animal relationships are often ambiguous and are influenced by many human-related factors. Because of such variations, there is a need for guidance in this regard. Such guidelines should thus be useful in a universal sense. Due to veterinarians...

  15. The influence of urbanization on the behaviour of dogs in the Czech Republic

    Contributor(s): Baranyiova, E., Holub, A., Tyrlik, M., Janackova, B., Ernstova, M.

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of urbanization in the Czech Republic on the coexistence of domesticated dogs and their owners. The data from a questionnaire (distributed to dog owners) were divided into rural (R, n=164) and urban (U, n=132). The former group comprised of dogs...

  16. Enuresis, firesetting, and cruelty to animals: does the ego triad show predictive validity?

    Contributor(s): Slavkin, M. L.

  17. The power of pets

    Contributor(s): Nunnelee, J.

  18. Animals as key promoters of human resilience

    Contributor(s): Lindenmayer, J. M.

  19. Pet allergy: how important for Turkey where there is a low pet ownership rate

    Contributor(s): Mungan, D., Celik, G., Bavbek, S., Msrlgil, Z.

    Exposure and sensitization to allergens derived from cats/dogs have been shown to represent an important risk factor for allergic respiratory diseases. So far, there has not been any study exploring cat/dog sensitization and related factors in our geographic location. The aim of this study was to...

  20. [Symposium "The dignity of animals--significance in the enrichment of human life". Basle, March 15-16, 2001]