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  1. Smartphone-Based Inertial Odometry for Blind Walkers

  2. Tracking positive and negative affect in PTSD inpatients during a service dog intervention

  3. Effects of equine riding on static and dynamic mechanical contraction of the thighs and trunk muscles in inactive women

  4. Equine-Assisted Services for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Systematic Review

  5. The Perceived Impact of The First UK COVID-19 Lockdown on Companion Animal Welfare and Behaviour: A Mixed-Method Study of Associations with Owner Mental Health

  6. Horse-riding simulators in treatment of chronic low back pain: A meta-analysis

  7. Is There a Correlation Between Dog Obesity and Human Obesity? Preliminary Findings of Overweight Status Among Dog Owners and Their Dogs

  8. Multi-tissue and multi-isotope (δ13 C, δ15 N, δ18 O and 87/86 Sr) data for early medieval human and animal palaeoecology

  9. Hippotherapy: a systematic mapping review of peer-reviewed research, 1980 to 2018

  10. Evaluating the effectiveness of therapeutic horse riding for children and young people experiencing disability: a single-case experimental design study

  11. Dog training as a complementary intervention to support Veteran mental health and well-being: A scoping review

  12. Do you see the same cat that I see? Relationships between Qualitative Behaviour Assessment and indicators traditionally used to assess temperament in domestic cats

  13. Do social factors related to allostatic load affect stereotypy susceptibility? Management implications for captive social animals

  14. Does 'playtime' reduce stimulus-seeking and other boredom-like behaviour in laboratory ferrets?

  15. Availability and use of designated hospital pens in Danish dairy herds

  16. Determination of swine euthanasia criteria and analysis of barriers to euthanasia in the United States using expert opinion

  17. The relationship between working horse welfare state and their owners' empathy level and perception of equine pain

  18. Intestinal parasites and risk factors in dogs and cats from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  19. Assistance, service, emotional support, and therapy dogs

  20. Global cities, glocal fauna: animals and the urban British Atlantic, 1660–1800