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  1. Equine-assisted therapy for anxiety and posttraumatic stress symptoms

  2. Evaluating animal-assisted therapy in group treatment for child sexual abuse

  3. Animal-assisted therapy with female inmates with mental illness: a case example from a pilot program

  4. Equine-assisted psychotherapy: a mental health promotion/intervention modality for children who have experienced intra-family violence

  5. Horses for heroes

  6. Exploring the experiences of living with psychiatric service dogs for veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder [thesis]

  7. Evaluating a program of equine therapy for veterans with PTSD symptoms [dissertation]

  8. Exploring therapists' conceptions of equine facilitated/assisted psychotherapy for combat veterans experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder [dissertation]

  9. Treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder in military and veteran populations: initial assessment

  10. Integrative commentary III: A primer in three areas key to future research

  11. Visual attention and facial identification in human and non-human animals

  12. Reproductive endocrinology and musth indicators in a captive Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

  13. Effects of positive and negative human contacts and intranasal oxytocin on cerebrospinal fluid oxytocin

  14. Brief report: The effects of equine-assisted activities on the social functioning in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder

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  15. Combat PTSD and implicit behavioral tendencies for positive affective stimuli: A brief report

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  16. Greening the lifecycle: Ecopsychology, aging and art therapy

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  17. Effects of brief behavioural activation on approach and avoidance tendencies in acute depression: Preliminary findings

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  18. Temperament test for donkeys to be used in assisted therapy

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  19. Psychosocial Equine Program for Veterans

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  20. Owners' direct gazes increase dogs' attention-getting behaviors

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