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  1. The concept of behavioural needs in contemporary fur science: do we know what American mink (Mustela vison) really need?

    Contributor(s):: Kornum, A. L., Rocklinsberg, H., Gjerris, M.

  2. Access to Scientific Literature in Rural Veterinary Practice

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Robert L. Larson

    The advent and use of new technologies is affecting rural veterinary practices in a number of ways, including increasing access to digital information in even the least urbanized areas of the country. Veterinary practitioners who can connect to the internet have access to much of the veterinary,...

  3. Access Rights and Access Wrongs: Ethical Issues and Ethical Solutions for Service Dog Use

    Contributor(s):: Elliott, Deni, Hogle, Pamela S.

  4. Collection Development "Dog Care & Training": The Well-Behaved Dog

    Contributor(s):: Alpi, Kristine M., Sherman, Barbara L.

  5. Laboratory mice persist in gaining access to resources: a method of assessing the importance of environmental features

    Contributor(s):: Sherwin, C. M.

  6. Effect of restricting access to litter trays on their use by caged laying hens

    Contributor(s):: Hughes, B. O., Channing, C. E.

    The behaviour and location of individually-caged domestic hens was compared in 3 situations: free access to a litter tray occupying one side of a cage (L), when they had to pass through a gap in a partition to reach the tray (L/P), and in a control situation (P) with a partition but no tray....