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  1. Kindred spirits: A phenomenological study of the experience of volunteering with a companion animal

    Contributor(s):: Paige, Leslie

  2. Loss of a companion animal: A study of grief and disenfranchisement of bereaved pet owners

    Contributor(s):: Minor, Donna Marie

  3. Marital functioning and dog ownership: An exploratory study

    Contributor(s):: Smith, Amanda D.

  4. Mental health benefits of therapeutic riding programs

    Contributor(s):: Pilchak Harley, Lorah

  5. Mixed vs pure breed dogs: Reported personality characteristics of owners, their dogs, and reasons for ownership

    Contributor(s):: Quinn-Kerins, Catherine

  6. National survey on equine assisted therapy: An exploratory study of current practitioners and programs

    Contributor(s):: McConnell, Patricia J.

  7. Of beast and babies: Human infants' interest in animals

    Contributor(s):: Pickard, Megan Bloom

  8. People with pets: Understanding the influence of human-companion animal attachment on empathy and resilient coping in adulthood

    Contributor(s):: Stickle, Kelly L.

  9. Personality characteristics of dog owners with specific breed preferences

    Contributor(s):: Notarangelo, Kathy Elizabeth

  10. Pet bereavement and avenues of support

    Contributor(s):: Nilsson, Kayla Mae

  11. Pet bereavement counseling: Factors related to pet owner depression in a local veterinary hospital versus a veterinary teaching hospital

    Contributor(s):: Stutts, Judith Carolyn

  12. Pet bonding and pet bereavement as a function of culture and gender differences among adolescents

    Contributor(s):: Reynolds, Theresa Evans

  13. Pet loss and the role of the psychologist: Needs assessment and implications for interventions

    Contributor(s):: Watt-Aldredge, Laurel B.

  14. Pet therapy and life satisfaction in elders

    Contributor(s):: Viehl, Elizabeth Jude

  15. Pet-facilitated therapy and modification of maladaptive behavior in developmentally disabled/mentally retarded individuals

    Contributor(s):: Turner, Susan Felice

  16. Pet-facilitated therapy with children: Implications for rapport and self-disclosure

    Contributor(s):: Turi, Linda L.

  17. Pet-facilitated therapy: An initial exploration of the thinking and theory behind an innovative intervention for children in psychotherapy

    Contributor(s):: Reimer, Dina Fentin

  18. Pets and the level of loneliness in community dwelling older adults

    Contributor(s):: Nunnelee, Jane Baker

  19. Playful paws: Developing an animal-assisted group therapy program focusing on enhancing social skills for children in an outpatient clinic setting

    Contributor(s):: Zatina, Dayna M.

  20. Posthumanist (auto)ethnography: Toward the ethical representation of other animals

    Contributor(s):: Robinson, Christine Christina L.