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  1. The benefits of pet companionship in emerging adults

    Contributor(s):: Leighann DeMarco

    The present study examines the benefits associated with pet companionship in emerging adults. Past research suggests that pet companionship can have many positive impacts on individuals’ lives; however, little research has explored pet companionship during the transitional developmental...

  2. "My Baby is a Dog": Exploration of Pet Parent Identity

    Contributor(s):: Lacey Y. Boston, Barbara Keating (adviser)

    This quantitative research examined dog owners (n = 100) regarding their relationship with their pets. After beginning to treat her own dog as a child she questioned what happens when a human child enters a family and what impact that has on the pet owners' identity. The researcher...

  3. Fish oil and barley supplementation in diets for adult dogs: effects on lipid and protein metabolism, nutrient digestibility, fecal quality. and postprandial glycemia

    Contributor(s):: Maria Regina Cattai de Godoy, David L. Harmon (adviser)

    Obesity is the most prevalent nutritional disorder encountered in small animal medicine. Problems related with obesity are the higher incidence of morbidity and mortality. Nutritional and physical activity interventions have been common strategies employed; however, they have shown low compliance...