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  1. Helping Client Manage the Aggressive Dog

    Contributor(s):: Julia Albright

  2. Non-human primate behavior

    Contributor(s):: Calle, P. P.

  3. Human-directed feline aggression

    Contributor(s):: Curtis, T. M.

  4. Cruelty toward cats: a different kind of abuse

    Contributor(s):: Lockwood, R.

  5. Evaluation of the relationship between milkers and dairy cows and its effect on animal welfare

    Contributor(s):: Salaberry, X., Huertas, S., Cesar, D., Piaggio, L., Gil, A.

    Animal fear towards people can be very stressful, making animal handling difficult and dangerous. The way animals are handled, absence of food, milking parlour conditions and presence of human beings constitute a special stimulus to the animal. If it is positive, fear diminishes and the capacity...