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  1. King's Stables

    Full-text: Available

    King’s Stables of King's Home is a fully operational farm with an equine therapy program offering hope and healing through bonding with horses. The goal of equine therapy is to help King’s Home residents and other participants develop needed skills and character traits, such as...

  2. Storybook Farm

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    Storybook Farm’s mission is to walk alongside children with uncertain futures and provide them with unyielding joy and hope. It is a place for healing, sharing, learning and growing; where children experience the exhilaration of riding; where families come together to support one...

  3. Bioaccumulation of mercury in Wilson's snipe from Alabama

    | Contributor(s):: Brooks, Lindsay J., Campbell, Joshua W., Murphy, Julie W.

  4. Examining patterns of animal-vehicle collisions in Alabama, USA

    | Contributor(s):: Chen, Xiongwen, Wu, Shuhong

  5. Evaluating a website to teach children safety with dogs

    | Contributor(s):: Schwebel, David C., McClure, Leslie A., Severson, Joan

  6. Coon Dog Graveyard

    | Contributor(s):: Salem, Jim

  7. Early And Mid-Holocene Dogs In Southeastern North America: Examples From Dust Cave

    | Contributor(s):: Walker, Renee B., Morey, Darcy F., Relethford, John H.

  8. When Police Dogs Attacked: Iconic News Photographs and Construction of History, Mythology, and Political Discourse

    | Contributor(s):: Spratt, Meg