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  1. Childhood cat allergen exposure in three European countries: The AIRALLERG study

    Contributor(s):: Giovannangelo, M., Gehring, U., Nordling, E., Oldenwening, M., de Wind, S., Bellander, T., Almqvist, C., Heinrich, J., Hoek, G., Brunekreef, B.

  2. Combined exposure to dog and indoor pollution: incident asthma in a high-risk birth cohort

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Carlsten, C., Brauer, M., Dimich-Ward, H., Dybuncio, A., Becker, A. B., Chan-Yeung, M.

    The impact of single exposures on asthma development is better understood than the effect of multiple exposures. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effect of combined early exposure to dog allergen (Can-f1) plus indoor nitrogen dioxide (NO2) or environmental tobacco smoke...

  3. Current cat ownership may be associated with the lower prevalence of atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, and Japanese cedar pollinosis in schoolchildren in Himeji, Japan

    | Contributor(s):: Kurosaka, F., Nakatani, Y., Terada, T., Tanaka, A., Ikeuchi, H., Hayakawa, A., Konohana, A., Oota, K., Nishio, H.

  4. Current mite, cat, and dog allergen exposure, pet ownership, and sensitization to inhalant allergens in adults

    | Contributor(s):: Custovic, A., Simpson, B. M., Simpson, A., Hallam, C. L., Marolia, H., Walsh, D., Campbell, J., Woodcock, A., National Asthma Campaign Manchester, Asthma, Allergy Study, Group

  5. Direct and indirect exposure to pets - risk of sensitization and asthma at 4 years in a birth cohort

    | Contributor(s):: Almqvist, C., Egmar, A. C., Hedlin, G., Lundqvist, M., Nordvall, S. L., Pershagen, G., Svartengren, M., van Hage-Hamsten, M., Wickman, M.

  6. Does early exposure or sensitization to inhalant allergens predict asthma in wheezing infants? A 20-year follow-up

    | Contributor(s):: Piippo-Savolainen, E., Remes, S., Korppi, M.

  7. Dog ownership and contact during childhood and later allergy development

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Chen, C. M., Morgenstern, V., Bischof, W., Herbarth, O., Borte, M., Behrendt, H., Kramer, U., von Berg, A., Berdel, D., Bauer, C. P., Koletzko, S., Wichmann, H. E., Heinrich, J.

    The effect of dog ownership during childhood on the development of allergy has been investigated in few studies with conflicting results. The association between dog contact and indoor endotoxin exposure during infancy and the development of allergic sensitisation and atopic disease up to age...

  8. Early environmental determinants of asthma risk in a high-risk birth cohort

    | Contributor(s):: Chan-Yeung, M., Hegele, R. G., Dimich-Ward, H., Ferguson, A., Schulzer, M., Chan, H., Watson, W., Becker, A.

  9. Effects of dog ownership and genotype on immune development and atopy in infancy

    | Contributor(s):: Gern, J. E., Reardon, C. L., Hoffjan, S., Nicolae, D., Li, Z., Roberg, K. A., Neaville, W. A., Carlson-Dakes, K., Adler, K., Hamilton, R., Anderson, E., Gilbertson-White, S., Tisler, C., Dasilva, D., Anklam, K., Mikus, L. D., Rosenthal, L. A., Ober, C., Gangnon, R., Lemanske, R. F., Jr.

  10. Effects of dog ownership in early childhood on immune development and atopic diseases

    | Contributor(s):: Bufford, J. D., Reardon, C. L., Li, Z., Roberg, K. A., DaSilva, D., Eggleston, P. A., Liu, A. H., Milton, D., Alwis, U., Gangnon, R., Lemanske, R. F., Jr., Gern, J. E.

  11. Effects of early cat or dog ownership on sensitisation and asthma in a high-risk cohort without disease-related modification of exposure

    | Contributor(s):: Almqvist, C., Garden, F., Kemp, A. S., Li, Q., Crisafulli, D., Tovey, E. R., Xuan, W., Marks, G. B., Investigators, Caps

  12. Evaluation of Petri dish sampling for assessment of cat allergen in airborne dust

    | Contributor(s):: Karlsson, A. S., Hedren, M., Almqvist, C., Larsson, K., Renstrom, A.

  13. Influence of dog ownership and high endotoxin on wheezing and atopy during infancy

    | Contributor(s):: Campo, P., Kalra, H. K., Levin, L., Reponen, T., Olds, R., Lummus, Z. L., Cho, S. H., Khurana Hershey, G. K., Lockey, J., Villareal, M., Stanforth, S., Lemasters, G., Bernstein, D. I.

  14. Longitudinal study on cat allergen exposure and the development of allergy in young children

    | Contributor(s):: Chen, C. M., Rzehak, P., Zutavern, A., Fahlbusch, B., Bischof, W., Herbarth, O., Borte, M., Lehmann, I., Behrendt, H., Kramer, U., Wichmann, H. E., Heinrich, J., Group, Lisa Study

  15. Lung function at age 3 years: effect of pet ownership and exposure to indoor allergens

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Lowe, L. A., Woodcock, A., Murray, C. S., Morris, J., Simpson, A., Custovic, A.

    Objective  To investigate the effect of pet ownership and exposure to indoor allergens on lung function in 3-year-old children. Design  Birth cohort study. Setting  Community. Participants  Children recruited prenatally and followed prospectively...

  16. Meta-analysis of determinants for pet ownership in 12 European birth cohorts on asthma and allergies: a GA2LEN initiative

    | Contributor(s):: Eller, E., Roll, S., Chen, C. M., Herbarth, O., Wichmann, H. E., von Berg, A., Kramer, U., Mommers, M., Thijs, C., Wijga, A., Brunekreef, B., Fantini, M. P., Bravi, F., Forastiere, F., Porta, D., Sunyer, J., Torrent, M., Host, A., Halken, S., Lodrup Carlsen, K. C., Carlsen, K. H., Wickman, M., Kull, I., Wahn, U., Willich, S. N., Lau, S., Keil, T., Heinrich, J., Working Group of, G. A. L. E. N. Work Package Birth Cohorts

  17. NAC Manchester Asthma and Allergy Study (NACMAAS): risk factors for asthma and allergic disorders in adults

    | Contributor(s):: Simpson, B. M., Custovic, A., Simpson, A., Hallam, C. L., Walsh, D., Marolia, H., Campbell, J., Woodcock, A.

  18. Opposing effects of cat and dog ownership and allergic sensitization on eczema in an atopic birth cohort

    | Contributor(s):: Epstein, T. G., Bernstein, D. I., Levin, L., Khurana Hershey, G. K., Ryan, P. H., Reponen, T., Villareal, M., Lockey, J. E., Lemasters, G. K.

  19. Pet ownership and exposure to indoor allergens

    | Contributor(s):: van der Wouden, J. C., Bernsen, R. M.

  20. Pet ownership: its effect on allergy and respiratory symptoms

    | Contributor(s):: Bener, A., Mobayed, H., Sattar, H. A., Al-Mohammed, A. A., Ibrahimi, A. S., Sabbah, A.