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  1. The Effects of Facility Animals in the Courtroom on Juror Decision-Making

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Kayla Burd

    Courthouse dogs (sometimes referred to as facility animals) are expertly trained canines which may be used to assist individuals with psychological, emotional, or physical difficulties in a myriad...

  2. Canines (and Cats!) in Correctional Institutions: Legal and Ethical Issues Relating to Companion Animal Programs

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Rebecca J. Huss

    Approximately one in 107 adults in the United States is incarcerated in some type of correctional institution. Effective programs are necessary to address the issues of these inmates. A growing...

  3. The Scent of Disease: Human Body Odor Contains an Early Chemosensory Cue of Sickness

    | Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Mats J. Olsson, Johan N. Lundstrom, Bruce A. Kimball, Amy R. Gordon, Bianka Karshikoff, Nishteman Hosseini, Kimmo Sorjonen, Caroline Olgart Hoglund, Carmen Solares, Anne Soop, John Axelsson, Mats Lekander

    Observational studies have suggested that with time, some diseases result in a characteristic odor emanating from different sources on the body of a sick individual. Evolutionarily, however, it...

  4. Doug the Pug – A Working Dog's Tale by Cate Archer

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): Cate Archer

    Press Release for Doug the Pug “Doug the Pug – A Working Dog’s Tale” is by Cate Archer – 5m Publishing. Doug the Pug is a wonderfully sweet natured little...

  5. The Effect of Service Dog Partnership on the Mental Health Status of United States Veterans: A Quantitative Analysis Using the SF-36v2 Mental Health Survey

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Colleen McLaughlin

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a historically significant problem for soldiers and Marines in the United States military. A host of recent research supports this claim, and lends itself...

  6. The animal-human bond: Health and wellness

    | Book Sections | Contributor(s): Friedmann, Erika, Son, Heesook, Saleem, Mudasir, Fine, Aubrey H.

    2015 73-88 978-0-12-801292-5978-0-12-801436-3 Elsevier Academic Press San Diego, CA 10.1016/B978-0-12-801292-5.00007-9 text

  7. Donkeys and Humans: Natural Horsemanship with Donkeys Focus: Animal Assisted Activities, Education and Therapy

    | Books | Contributor(s): Klotz, Anahid

    2015 308 9783734789779 373478977X Other: 9783734789779 Norderstedt Books on Demand Norderstedt, Germany English text

  8. The human-animal bond and combat-related posttraumatic stress symptoms

    | Theses | Contributor(s): White, Melissa

    2013 328 9781303527388 Walden University Ph.D. English text

  9. Pilot evaluation of an animal-assisted activities support group for at-risk youth

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Peacock, Lisa M.

    2005 64 9780542522673; 0542522675 California State University, Long Beach M.S. English text

  10. Social support and affectionate communication in animal assisted interventions: Toward a typology and rating scheme of handler/dog messages

    | Theses | Contributor(s): McCullough, Amy

    Animal-assisted interventions (AAIs) are a treatment modality that incorporates a trained animal into a person's healing and learning process in order to benefit the person physically,...

  11. Needs Assessment for Animal-Assisted Interventions: Factors Influencing Implementation of Dogs as Judiciary Aids in Criminal Justice Processes in CPS Cases

    | Theses | Contributor(s): MacNamara, Maureen

    The study presents findings from a needs assessment exploring the critical features or core elements that bear on professionals regarding the inclusion of dogs as judiciary aides in the...

  12. Creating social connections in higher education: Insights from the Campus Canines Program at the University of Pittsburgh

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Camaioni, Nicole

    2013 123 9781303428449 University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. English text

  13. Healing Hooves

    | Organizations

    Healing Hooves offers a variety of equine-related programs.  The Equine Assisted Learning program uses an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for...

  14. Pets Healing Vets

    | Organizations

    Pets Healing Vets pairs qualifying veterans returning from active duty with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with shelter animals in need of homes....

  15. Puppies for Parole

    | Organizations

    Puppies for Parole is a unique program made possible through our partnerships with animal shelters and animal advocate groups statewide. Selected offenders have the opportunity to become trainers...

  16. Dogs for Good

    | Organizations

    Dogs for Good is an organization that pairs assistance dogs with adults and children with a wide range of disabilities and autism.  We also train activity and therapy dogs to work with...

  17. Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ECAD)

    | Organizations

    ECAD’s mission of providing highly skilled Service Dogs to increase mobility and independence for people living with disabilities manifests itself in a variety of programs and services. Each...

  18. Institute for Human-Animal Connection

    | Programs

    The Institute for Human-Animal Connection (IHAC) at University of Denver is a center for the study of the interrelationship and health of people, animals and the environment.

  19. The healing species: Cheri Brown Thompson at TEDxColumbiaSC

    | Video | Contributor(s): Cheri Brown

    Founder of The Healing Species, a unique educational program that uses rescued dogs to teach compassion and build character in at-risk youth.

  20. Dog and Shield: The Buffering Effect K-9s Have on Police Officer Strain

    | Theses | Contributor(s): Shea Dever

    According to General Strain Theory, suicide, drug/alcohol abuse and violence are the result of maladaptive coping strategies in response to strain (Agnew, 1992). This study looks at categories of...