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  1. Canine Co-Facilitated Interventions

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    Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey and I am a social worker in West Michigan who frequently co-facilitates therapy with adults, juveniles, and couples using my nearly 2 year old pit bull Marley....

  2. Clinical Trial Shows Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy in Adult Cancer Patients Undergoing Complex Cancer Treatment with Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

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    Therapy dogs may improve the emotional well-being of some cancer patients, according to results of a clinical study, the first to document the benefits of animal-assisted therapy in adult cancer...

  3. Pig the Unusual Dog

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    Hand in Paw, an Alabama based animal-assisted therapy organization, is in the process of training a dog named Pig as therapy animal. Pig is unique in that she was born with a birth defect known as...

  4. Response to old newsletter request to tell our story about AAT and Autism

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    Zach came to us when he was 12 years old and his mother said he had not been able to get the help he needed although he had many medical professionals, psychologists, OT’s, Psychiatrists and...

  5. Connecticut May be 1st State to Codify Animal-Assisted Therapy for Trauma Victims

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    “A new law will formalize a state-sponsored system for training social workers and dogs in animal-assisted therapy; the program also sets up criteria for quickly identifying qualified...

  6. Connecticut to enact animal-assisted therapy legislation in October

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    Dr. Kay Trotter reports that the Connecticut General Assembly has passed its Animal Assisted Therapy Bill. The bill, which was signed by the governor in June, takes effect October, 2013, and will...

  7. can pet visits help kids with cancer?

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    This is my new research project. Please help me spread the word to crowdfund this study. I am trying to raise $2500 more dollars by the end of August. I would appreciate feeedback on the research...

  8. Canine-Assisted Crisis Response Team Helps Residents Following Plane Crash

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    The Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction’s Canine-Assisted Crisis Response Team was dispatched to an area affected by a recent plane crash. A neighborhood on Iowa Street in South...

  9. Research could validate horse therapy benefits at East Texas center

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    Windridge Therapeutic Equestrian Center of East Texas researches how the movement of horses stimulates the riders muscles if he or she were walking. Full story here:...

  10. Patchogue Rotary Animal Assisted Therapy (PRAAT) - I just want to introduce myself

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    Hi HABRI community. I just want to introduce myself. My name is David Hensen. I am a veterinarian practicing out of the Paumanok Veterinary Hospital in Patchogue (...

  11. Comfort dogs help survivors in Newtown, CT

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    A group of trained comfort dogs has been taken to Newtown, CT to help the survivors in the aftermath of the terrible tragedy. You can read the full story at the Chicago Tribune’s site:...

  12. VIDEO: Canadian Pet Therapy Program Brings Dogs to Children in Hospitals

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    This brief segment by WatchMojo highlights some of the benefits of using animals to boost morale among hospitalized children.

  13. AUDIO: KUOW interview with Animal-Assisted Psychotherapist Gillian Marrah

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    Seattle-based KUOW’s Katy Sewell recently interviewed animal-assisted psychotherapist Gillian Marrah as part of the Weekday program. The interview, which starts at 35:50, explores some of the...

  14. VIDEO: The FBI's First Therapy Dog

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    A Pet Partners-trained service dog has become the first therapy dog for the FBI’s Office of Victim Assistance. Dolce, a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix, was originally adopted in 2004 and...

  15. VIDEO: Austin's Therapy Pet Pals

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    Your News Now recently produced a video segment covering Austin-based Therapy Pet Pals work with area nursing homes. The clip offers a glimpse into the nature of these interactions as well as a...

  16. New Program to Curb Panhandling through Pet Ownership

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    The city of San Francisco is implementing a program to prevent panhandling by offering panhandlers money in exchange for grooming shelter dogs until they are fit for adoption. The Wonderful...