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  1. Audrey Schwartz Rivers

  2. Carla I Vela

  3. Carol Davenport

  4. Colin Steven Alsbro

    My name is Colin and I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. My current area of study, which is a combination of psychology, youth development, and holistic...

  5. Frania Shelley-Grielen

  6. Gina Hansen

  7. Hao Yu Shih

  8. Kimberly

  9. Lorna Reichl

  10. Myrna Milani

    Myrna Milani, BS, DVM787 Stage RoadCharlestown, New Hampshire 03603 (603) 542-7227 mm@mmilani.comwww.mmilani.comEducation: Bachelor of Science: Capital University (Columbus, Ohio)Doctor...

  11. Patricia Delorme

  12. Pine Irwin

  13. Remy L Tankel

  14. Rita Seery

  15. Selina Goldberg

    I am a mental health worker with a background in psychology and psychotherapy with an avid love of animals. During my Masters, I conducted research looking at how animals help people through animal...

  16. Stacy Welles