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  1. The assessment and treatment of children who abuse animals: The AniCare child approach

    Contributor(s):: Shapiro, Kenneth, Randour, Mary Lou, Krinsk, Susan, Wolf, Joann L.

  2. The Assessment and Treatment of Children Who Abuse Animals: the AniCare Child Approach

    Contributor(s):: Shapiro, Kenneth, Randour, Mary Lou , Krinsk, Susan , Wolf, Joann L.

  3. Animal cruelty and freedom of speech : when worlds collide

    Contributor(s):: Perdue, Abigail, Lockwood, Randall

  4. Animal cruelty : pathway to violence against people

    Contributor(s):: Merz-Perez, Linda, Heide, Kathleen M.

  5. Veterinary forensics : animal cruelty investigations

    Contributor(s):: Merck, Melinda

  6. Animal cruelty : a multidisciplinary approach to understanding

    Contributor(s):: Brewster, Mary P., Reyes, Cassandra

  7. Animal abuse : helping animals and people

    Contributor(s):: Tiplady, Catherine

  8. Brute Force: Animal Police and the Challenge of Cruelty

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Arnold Arluke

    "In one instance, an officer investigated a case on an extremely thin dog - a sixty-pound Rottweiler - that should have weighed about one hundred pounds. 'The dog was skin and bones, so weak he couldn't even get up. The person told me he was minding the dog for his son because his...