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  1. Virtue ethics and the moral significance of animals

    Contributor(s):: Merriam, Garret

  2. Personhood, ethics, and animal cognition : situating animals in Hare's two level utilitarianism

    Contributor(s):: Varner, Gary E.

  3. The animal ethics reader

    Contributor(s):: Armstrong, Susan J., Botzler, Richard George

  4. Veterinary Social Work (VSW)

    Veterinary Social Work is an area of social work practice that attends to the human needs that arise in the intersection of veterinary medicine and social work practice. The four areas of veterinary social work are:■ Grief & Pet Loss■ Animal-Assisted Interactions■ The Link Between Human &...

  5. Animals and Society Institute

    The Animals and Society Institute develops knowledge in the field of human-animal studies, supports practice to address the relation between animal cruelty and other violence and promotes action to protect animals through the adoption of ethical, compassionate public policy. An independent...

  6. Center for the Study of Human-Animal Interdependent Relationships

    The mission for the Center for the Study of Human-Animal Interdependent Relationships at Tuskegee University's School of Veterinary Medicine is to use a multidisciplinary approach to studying, strengthening, and promoting the health benefits that people and animals may derive from one another.

  7. Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society

    Our society is currently re-examining its entire relationship with animals and the natural world. Until recently, issues such as animal welfare and environmental protection were considered the domain of small idealistic minorities. In the last 20-30 years, they have become matters of widespread...

  8. Jumping to Conclusions? Media Coverage of Jumps Racing Debates in Australia

    Contributor(s):: Montoya, D., McManus, P., Albrecht, G.

  9. In defense of animals : the second wave

    Contributor(s):: Singer, Peter

  10. In search of consistency : ethics and animals

    Contributor(s):: Kemmerer, Lisa

  11. Just a dog : understanding animal cruelty and ourselves

    Contributor(s):: Arluke, Arnold

  12. Psychology of the human-animal bond : a resource for clinicians and researchers

    Contributor(s):: Blazina, Christopher, Boyraz, Guler, Shen-Miller, David

  13. Zoopolis : a political theory of animal rights

    Contributor(s):: Donaldson, Sue, Kymlicka, Will

  14. Farming Animals and the Capabilities Approach: Understanding Roles and Responsibilities through Narrative Ethics

    Contributor(s):: Anthony, R.

  15. Philosophical Ethology: On the Extents of What It Is to Be a Pig

    Contributor(s):: Harfeld, J.

  16. Philosophy and Animal Studies: Calarco, Castricano, and Diamond

    Contributor(s):: Aaltola, E.

  17. Tolstoy's Animals

    Contributor(s):: Donovan, J.

  18. In search of consistency : ethics and animals

    Contributor(s):: Kemmerer, Lisa

  19. Jul 04 2012

    Minding Animals Conference 2012

    The Minding Animals Conference 2012 is the second in a series of conferences about scientific, ethical and social issues related to animals and human interactions with animals. The first,...

  20. Animal Mind: Science, Philosophy, and Ethics

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, Bernard E.