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  1. Animal activism and the zoo-networked nation

    Contributor(s):: Vandersommers, D.

  2. Animal and activity farm visits - the potential value for children

    Contributor(s):: Pass, B.

    This article discusses the management, advantages and disadvantages of running a farm as an educational units for adults and children. The emphasis of supervision and procedures to maintain animal health and prevent potential disease transmission between animals and people are emphasized.

  3. Animal Assisted Play Therapy

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Risë VanFleet, Tracie Faa-Thompson

    Animal Assisted Play Therapy™ is the culmination of the authors' combined 75 years of experience working with animals as a part of their therapeutic practice. Professional practitioners, as well as the paraprofessionals who work in tandem with them, will find this book of enormous...

  4. Animal care guidelines and future directions

    Contributor(s):: Webster, A. B.

    Two notions broadly accepted in developed western societies have made animal care guidelines inevitable. These are that domestic animals are sentient and that humans are responsible to ensure the proper care of domestic animals. Despite these common views, people have differing moral...

  5. Animal Ethics and the Law

    Contributor(s):: Bernard E. Rollin

    Everyone reading this Article is doubtless aware of the woeful lack of legal protection for farm animals in the United States. Not only do the laws fail to assure even a minimally decent life for the majority of these animals, they do not provide protection against the most egregious treatment....

  6. Animal health and welfare aspects in organic dairy production systems - experienced practice during conversion to organic farming. (DARCOF Report No. 2)

    Contributor(s):: Vaarst, M., Thamsborg, S. M., Kristensen, E. S.

    A synthesis of knowledge project was carried out during the late summer 1998 to June 1999 with the objectives to describe the conversion to organic farming as experienced by people connected to the dairy herd (the farmers themselves, their veterinarians and agricultural advisors). Special focus...

  7. Animal health care seeking behavior of pets or livestock owners and knowledge and awareness on zoonoses in a university community

    Contributor(s):: Awosanya, E. J., Akande, H. O.

  8. Animal Health MATTERS [07.01]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message, Equipment grant to support bioterrorism preparedness and TSE testing at the ADRDL, Call for Cases for the Summer Meeting Diagnostic News, p 1BVD ear notch test – submission guidelines, Tritrichomonas pouch culture procedures at the...

  9. Animal Health MATTERS [08.01]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message Diagnostic News, New reusable mailers for biopsy submission, New mastitis submission form, procedures, p 1Trichomonas testing at SDSU ADRDL adheres to OEI standards, Announcement, Holiday Hours, p 2BVD diagnostics at SDSU ADRDL: Demonstrating...

  10. Animal Health MATTERS [08.02]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message, Anthrax, High Risk Pathogen Biocontainment and the ADRDL, Anthrax in South Dakota, Summer 2005, p 1Transmission of Equine Influenza Virus to Dogs, p 3Reminder Avoid Contaminated Milk Samples, p 5Selenium Toxicosis in Horses and Cattle: Sampling, Diagnosis...

  11. Animal Health MATTERS [09.02]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message, Associate Director Named and Quality Moves Forward at the ADRDL Diagnostic News, Reminder: Changing Your Report Generator Password, ADRDL Quality System, p 1Holiday Hours Extension News, Survey of Anthrax-affected Producers: Affected and Non-affected...

  12. Animal Health MATTERS [10.01]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message, Specimens in| Results out Diagnostic News, BVD Tests Available at SDSU ADRDL, p 1The Scoop on Scoops, Top Ten Tips for Submissions to the Olson Biochemistry Lab, Holiday Hours, p 3New DOT Shipping Regulations in Effect Research News, Research...

  13. Animal Health MATTERS [10.02]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message Diagnostic News, Classical Swine Fever Surveillance (Hog Cholera) at the SDSU ADRDL, p 1Biopsy Service Changes at the ADRDL – Effective July 1, 2007, Listing of Pharmacies Offering Compounding Services for Veterinarians – April 2007, Holiday...

  14. Animal Health MATTERS [11.01]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message, University, College and Department Missions Diagnostic News, Hardware Disease Associated with Tires Used as Hay Feeding Stations: A New Source of Hardware for an Old DiseaseHoliday Hours, Calf Scours Submissions at SDSU ADRDL, p 2Calf Scours / Enteritis...

  15. Animal Health MATTERS [11.02]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director's Message, Partnerships Matter Diagnostic News, Bovine Lead Poisoning: May and June are Peak Months for Diagnosis, p 1Holiday Hours, Water Suitability for Livestock, p 3Why can’t you just run it anyway? Research News, Research Spotlight: Dr. Chris Chase...

  16. Animal Health MATTERS [11.03]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Head/Director’s Message, ADRDL Receives Full Accreditation from AAVLD Diagnostic News, An Unusual Presentation of Blackleg in a South Dakota Beef Herd, p 1Holiday Hours, p 2Selected Abstracts, SDSU ADRDL Presentations, 2008 Meeting, Abomasitis in Beef Calves, Test Validation:...

  17. Animal Health MATTERS [12.01]

    Contributor(s):: Russ Daly

    Head/Director's Message, ADRDL: The R is for Research, Veterinary Science Department’s Young to Collaborate With Nobel Prize Winner, p 1Inside the Serology Section, p 2Digital Coggins Test Submission and Results Service Now Available Through Global Vet Link, p 3James Bailey...

  18. Animal Health MATTERS [12.03]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Director's Message, Education...Discovery...Service: Dedicated people required, Dr. Firkins Motivates Faculty, Staff, Students, p 1AVMA Survey Indicates Most Starting Salaries are up for New Veterinarians Pieces and Parts, p 2Ability of PCR to detect PRRSV 3-4-2 RFLP cut pattern strain,...

  19. Animal Health MATTERS [12.2]

    Contributor(s):: David H. Zeman

    Early Spring Cow Losses in Southwest South Dakota Director's Message, p 1The Cost of a Veterinary Medical Education, p 2Molecular Diagnostics: The “PCR” Lab at ADRDL Pieces and Parts, p 4Rabies Submission Reminder, ADRDL Hosts Heartland Veterinary Microbiology Annual...

  20. Animal Health MATTERS [13.01]

    Contributor(s):: Russ Daly, David H. Zeman

    Iraqi Veterinarian Brings Veterinary-and Life-Experiences to ADRDL, p 1Director's Message — Tomorrow’s Veterinarians and the NAVMEC, Veterinarians with Current USDA Accreditation: Note Program Changes, p 2The Virology Section at SDSU’s ADRDL, p 4Fish Health and...