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  1. Review of Interspecies Ethics

    Contributor(s):: Thomas E. Randall

    This paper provides a review of Cynthia Willett's book Interspecies Ethics. Willett aims to outline the beginnings of biosocial eros ethics – an ethical outline that sketches the potentiality of a cross-species cosmopolitan ideal of compassion (agape), derived...

  2. Behavior of Scandinavian brown bears when encountered by dogs and humans

    Contributor(s):: Stine Emilie Noding Hansen

    The Scandinavian brown bear population was persecuted in the last half of the 1800s and almost went extinct. They got protected in Sweden in 1927 and in Norway in 1973, and have since reached a level that can be hunted. The bears choose areas with as little human activity as possible, but...

  3. The Effects of Group-Housing on the Behavior of Domestic Cats (Felis Sylvestris Catus) in an Animal Shelter

    Contributor(s):: Caroline Monk

    This study investigates the effects of group housing on the stress and behavior of domestic cats in an animal shelter. Twenty-four cats one-year of age and older were observed in the Tompkins County SPCA for three consecutive days. All behavior was continuously recorded. Density of cats in the...

  4. Personification as the social emotional behaviors in human and animal interactions

    Contributor(s):: Yamada, Hiroshi

  5. No Cracks in the Wall: The Standing Barrier and the Need for Restructuring Animal Protection Laws

    Contributor(s):: Kristen Stuber Snyder

    American society's perception of animals has come a long way since the country was founded over 200 years ago. However, the court system has been slow to evolve along with these views, and the standing requirement maintains a barrier for those wishing to enforce protection through litigation....

  6. Silent Sidekicks

    Some friends can speak to your heart without having to say a word. Silent Sidekicks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides information and education about animal assisted therapy/activities and the services of trained volunteer handler-animal teams to communities throughout the State...

  7. Information Resources on Human-Animal Relationships Past and Present

    | Contributor(s):: Judith Ho

    Today our definition of animal is probably broader and certainly more biologically based. Animals are all things organic that are not plants. Although some may have reservations about this definition, most accept the idea that humans are animals, topping a Darwinian ladder that ranks everything...

  8. Social behaviors increase in children with autism in the presence of animals compared to toys

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Marguerite E. O'Haire, Samantha J. McKenzie, Alan M. Beck, Virginia Slaughter

    Background Previous research has demonstrated the capacity of animal presence to stimulate social interaction among humans. The purpose of this study was to examine the interactions of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with an adult and their typically-developing peers in the...

  9. Companion animals and personality: a study of preference

    | Contributor(s):: Jennifer Levinson, James L. Dupree (adviser)

    This study explored Extraversion personality differences among people who prefer dogs, people who prefer cats, people who prefer both, and people who prefer neither. Participants were 120 students from the Psychology Department Participation Pool at Humboldt State University. Personality was...

  10. Caregiver attributions are not just for children: Evidence for generalized low power schemas

    | Contributor(s):: Sims, Valerie K., Chin, Matthew G., Eckman, Melissa L., Enck, Brian M., Abromaitis, Susanne M.