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  1. Predicting the survival of woodland species in human-altered landscapes

    Contributor(s):: Kringen M. Henein

    Rapid, large-scale anthropogenic landscape change increasingly challenges native species.  The identification of factors affecting species persistence is needed to direct planning and land management.I designed an individual-based simulation model to examine the relationship among 3...

  2. Understanding humane expectations : public and expert attitudes towards human-wildlife interactions

    Contributor(s):: Sara Dawn Dubois

    The field of wildlife management has been on a collision course with societal values regarding animal use for some time. Although wildlife populations are still managed largely under the “North American model of wildlife conservation” to accommodate consumptive uses, many people,...

  3. The Elephant in the Room: Detrimental Effects of Animals' Property Status on Standing in Animal Protection Cases

    Contributor(s):: Lisa Marie Morrish

    Animals’ long-standing status as property serves to hinder many attempts to secure rights and protections for animals in the legal arena. Even within the realm of property law, states vary on how animals are viewed and protected. Because of these long-held views...

  4. The quality of mercy: Organized animal protection in the United States, 1866--1930

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Unti, Bernard Oreste

  5. Animal Shelter Programs and Policies

    | Contributor(s):: Edwin J. Sayres

    A discussion of policies and programs that, ideally, should be followed by humane societies in the operation of shelters and the limitations that are imposed by finances, local circumstances, and other factors is a substantial undertaking. I would like, first, to give you some background...

  6. Our Challenge and Our Opportunity

    | Contributor(s):: Coleman Burke

    The other day you probably all read of the death of Gavin Maxwell, who produced that delightful "Ring of Bright Water." He said, "Stage one on the way to understanding human beings is an understanding and affection for animals." Fit this in with the statement from Proverbs....

  7. Similarity or Difference as a Basis for Justice: Must Animals Be Like Humans to Be Legally Protected from Humans?

    | Contributor(s):: Bryant, Taimie L.

  8. Increasing our compassion footprint: the Animals’ Manifesto

    | Contributor(s):: Bekoff, Marc

  9. Speaking bodies, speaking minds: animals, language, history

    | Contributor(s):: Pearson, Susan

  10. World culture and animal protection

    | Contributor(s):: Stone, Lora Lynne

  11. Pet-keeping culture in nineteenth century Paris: Representations of modern life

    | Contributor(s):: Kete, Kathleen Joan

  12. American Media Coverage of Animal Protection

    | Contributor(s):: Jones, Dena M.

    This is the first in a series of papers that will explore the role of the American media in animal protection. This paper tracks the history of media coverage of animal issues from the early American humane movement of the last century to the animal rights movement of today. In addition,...

  13. The Media and Policy Decisions Affecting Animals

    | Contributor(s):: Jones, Dena M.

    The media exert influence in public affairs by setting the political agenda and by playing up or marginalizing issues and candidates. Media coverage offers both risks and opportunities for special interest groups. While the media can provide endorsement and credibility, mass communication can...

  14. The Media's Response to Animal Rights Activism

    | Contributor(s):: Jones, Dena M.

    Two recently published projects documented a peak in print coverage of animal-related topics in the late 1980s with a subsequent decline in coverage. One of the studies specifically tracked media coverage of activism on behalf of animals and documented a similar trend in the number of stories...

  15. Advertising Animal Protection

    | Contributor(s):: Jones, Dena M.

    Animal protection advocates are making use of paid and public service advertising to promote the interests of animals. One advertising approach, the graphic portrayal of animal suffering, has generated controversy within and beyond the animal protection movement. Research suggests that the...

  16. The Politics of Animal Protection: A Research Agenda

    | Contributor(s):: Garner, Robert

  17. Understanding the human aspects of animal hoarding

    | Contributor(s):: Amanda I. Reinisch

    An animal hoarder is defined as someone who has accumulated a large number of animals and who: 1) fails to provide minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, and veterinary care; 2) fails to act on the deteriorating condition of the animals (including disease, starvation or death) and the...

  18. Crying wolf: The unlawful delisting of northern rocky mountain gray wolves from endangered species act protections

    | Contributor(s):: Jesse H. Alderman

    Although settlers hunted gray wolves to near extinction more than a century ago, the animal remains one of the most enduring symbols of the West. In 1994, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service authorized reintroduction of gray wolves into Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming under recovery provisions of the...

  19. Wild animals and other pets kept in Costa Rican households: Incidence, species and numbers

    | Contributor(s):: Drews, C.

  20. Child abuse, domestic violence and animal abuse

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Frank R. Ascione, Phil Arkow (editor)

    The professional communities of psychologists and child welfare specialists to a deeper, higher and more encompassing awareness and understanding of the crucial linking of caring for animals and children in human experience. The combination of careful research, documentation, and compelling...