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  1. Response: The Rights of Animals and Family Farmers

    Contributor(s):: Comstock, Gary

  2. Stewardship: Whose Creation Is It Anyway?

    Contributor(s):: Barad-Andrade, Judith

  3. The role of professionalization regarding female exploitation in the Nonhuman Animal rights movement

    Contributor(s):: Wrenn, Corey Lee

  4. The Framing of Animal Cruelty by Animal Advocacy Organizations

    Contributor(s):: Cary Williams

    The purpose of this research project was to explore similarities and differences in framing activity of animal cruelty by animal advocacy organizations and to fill some of the gaps within the current literature. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Humane Society of the United States, and...

  5. Corporate Responsibility, Ethics, and Animal Welfare

    Contributor(s):: Elizabeth A. Gray

    Do organizations that keep wild animals in captivity owe them moral consideration? This thesis provides a historical overview of the moral consideration provided to animals and analyzes present-day philosophical writing. The representative contemporary ethical frameworks include utilitarianism,...

  6. Children's Environmental and Moral Conceptions of Protecting an Endangered Animal

    Contributor(s):: Ruckert, Jolina H.

  7. The Psychological Effects of Medical Research on Animal Subjects and the Ramifications for the Applicability of the Research Results

    Contributor(s):: Morgan A. Damm

    Historically, animals have been used in medical research to bring about many of the medical breakthroughs and advances seen today. The successful studies are accompanied by numerous, often concealed, failed studies that are inapplicable to human medicine due to stress and distress changing the...

  8. Antimony: The Use, Rights, and Regulation of Laboratory Animals

    Contributor(s):: Brenda L. Thomas

    'In recent years, the problem, plight, and philosophy behind the use of animals in laboratories, schools, and industries has caused many to formulate an opinion on animal experimentation. It is simple to postulate a Monday morning quarterback philosophy - merely weigh the...

  9. An International Treaty for Animal Welfare

    Contributor(s):: David Favre

    Currently there is no international agreement that ensures the welfare and protection of animals. Nor is there any international standard that regulates and defines the acceptable treatment of animals. This lack of international consensus leads to the current disparate treatment of animals around...

  10. Integrating Animal Interest Into Our Legal System

    Contributor(s):: David Favre

    In the summer of 1990, the first March for the Animals in Washington, D.C. ("March") took place. The first of its kind national event attracted thousands of people interested in animal issues. The March was from the back of the White House to the steps of the Capitol Building. As we...

  11. The Globalization of Animal Welfare: More Food Does Not Require More Suffering

    Contributor(s):: Park, Miyun, Singer, Peter

  12. Dogfighters on the Run: The HSUS Spurs Police Crackdown

    Contributor(s):: The Humane Society Of The United States

    How can anyone derive satisfaction from watching two dogs tear each other apart? How can anyone sit for hours, not only watching but cheering every wound, every broken leg or mangled eye?We can only guess the answers to such questions. What we do know is that every weekend, hundreds of men,...

  13. Property Rights of Animals

    Contributor(s):: Nettie Bradford

    The problem here treated includes the property rights and spatial relationships o f animals, with special reference to the land vertebrates. With little work done in the way of collecting and compiling materials pertaining to this field, the references and literature were widely scattered....

  14. Equal Treatment for Equal Relevance: The Unjustifiable Exemption of Farm Animals from Animal Cruelty Laws

    Contributor(s):: Miles Decoster

    In the past 100 years pet, zoo/aquarium, and research animals have gained unprecedented legal protection from unnecessary human harm via the creation of strict animal cruelty laws. Due to the work of moral philosophers and compassionate lawyers/judges animal cruelty laws have been improved to...

  15. Equitable Self-Ownership for Animals

    Contributor(s):: David Favre

    This Article proposes a new use of existing property law concepts to change the juristic personhood status of animals. Presently, animals are classified as personal property, which gives them no status or standing in the legal system for the protection or promotion of their interests. Professor...

  16. Xenograft and Partial Affections

    Contributor(s):: James A. Nelson

    Making moral decisions of the sort brought to our attention by contemporary philosophical reflections on animals has a tendency to highlight our particular connections to other people. The decision to adopt a vegetarian diet, for instance, is sure to affect relationships with spouses and friends,...

  17. Robbing PETA to Spay Paul: Do Animal Rights Include Reproductive Rights?

    Contributor(s):: David Boonin

    Let me begin with a confession. My papers are often praised more for their titles than for their contents. At a job interview a few years ago, I was told that if I didn’t have a future in philosophy (hardly the words one wants to hear during a job interview), the quality of my titles...

  18. [Thoughts on the complex relationship between medicine and animals: a death prayer for a loyal cat]

    Contributor(s):: Cabello, C. F.

  19. Animal hoarding: devastating, complex, and everyone's concern

    Contributor(s):: Williams, Bronwen

  20. Animal instincts