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  1. Anna Clark Anna Clark

    I love equestrian sports no less than horses. I write articles, since childhood I have been engaged in self-development and yoga. I have a dream, but I will not talk about it here ... now i work as...

  2. Belinda Johnston

    Belinda Johnston MA VetMB MRCVS, a vet living in Suffolk, England is interested in all aspects of the human-animal bond and especially bereavement and emotional well-being. Currently developing a...

  3. Brenda Rynders

    The sheer power that exists within the human-animal bond has fascinated me for years. In my professional experience, I have encountered many instances where the bond between humans and animals was...

  4. Dell Kay Bertino

  5. Dicki Kennedy

  6. Erasmo de Oliveira

    We are a multidisciplinary group of volunteers and aim to serve as the interface between people and animals, showing the benefits of peaceful coexistence between races, improving the health and...

  7. Hao Yu Shih

  8. Jeremy N Marchant-Forde

    1.Rudd, A.R.* and Marchant, J.N.* (1995) Aspects of farrowing and lactating sow behaviour. The Pig Journal, 34: 21-30 2.Marchant, J.N.*, Mendl, M.T., Rudd, A.R. and Broom, D.M. (1995) The effect of...

  9. Kimberly

  10. Laura Mundy

  11. Laura P Clark

  12. Lizz Whitacre

  13. Olga Cam

    At Animal-Club we love animals! Our mission is to amaze, enthuse and educate our visitors all about the animal kingdom because we believe they have so much to teach us. Our presenters are...

  14. Paola van Dijk

  15. Paula Frakes

    Paula has a BA in Sociology (1987) from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa & M.A. in Gerontology (2010) from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. She has 20 years of experience working as a recreational...

  16. Samantha J Ward

  17. Shawn Rice

  18. Stephanie Tucker

  19. Susan Elizabeth Smith

  20. Wueng Yopeng

    I am yopeng. I work at animal hospital in Singapore. Next year, I hope continuing my study at united states.I love puppies... Puppies are fragile animals that need extra love and attention...