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  1. Early domestication and farming: what should we know or do for a better understanding?

    Contributor(s):: Vigne, J. D.

    This paper aims to identify a series of conceptual, strategic and technological challenges facing archaeozoology (and archaeobotany) in order to better understand when, where, how and why plant and animal domestication and farming developed during the last 12 000 years. Situated at the interface...

  2. Animal Madness: A Natural History of Disorder

    Contributor(s):: Braitman, Laurel

  3. The connection between domestic violence and animal cruelty in Puerto Rico: An anthropological study

    Contributor(s):: Vazquez Soto, Nancy Y.

    Violence against women is one of Puerto Rico’s most critical social problems and for this reason, anthropological thought is critically necessary. Some women in Puerto Rico are vulnerable to situations of violence and control through domestic violence while their animals become involved in...

  4. The anthropozoology of domestication for milk productionAnthropozoologie de la domestication laitiere

    Contributor(s):: Poplin, F.

    Milk draws its substance from a living being of flesh and blood and from plant matter full of scents, through a two-cycle digestive system and fermentation in vivo, that of ruminants, which are also animals that provide meat ("you drink my milk, you eat my meat"). The pig, the "outlaw" of...

  5. Ancient use of the knuckle-bone for rituals and gaming piece

    Contributor(s):: De Grossi Mazzorin, Jacopo, Minniti, Claudia

  6. Animal limbs in funerary contexts in southern Portugal and the question of segmentation

    Contributor(s):: Valera, Antonio Carlos, Costa, Claudia

  7. Beyond beef: dietary variability and foodways in the late 19th-century mining town of Hammondville, New York, USA

    Contributor(s):: Sportman, Sarah P.

  8. Boys and the buzzard in traditional rural areas in Lorraine

    Contributor(s):: Mechin, Colette

  9. Food offerings in graves from the Danubian Neolithic (5500-4900 BC) in the upper Rhine valley

    Contributor(s):: Arbogast, Rose-Marie

  10. Horse sacrifice in a Pazyryk culture kurgan: the princely tomb of Berel'(Kazakhstan). Selection criteria and slaughter procedures

    Contributor(s):: Lepetz, Sebastien

  11. Knucklebones and other animal deposits in the "Cruz del Negro" necropolis: Possible Phoenician funerary rituals in SW Spain?

    Contributor(s):: Bernaldez-Sanchez, Eloisa, Garcia-Vinas, Esteban, Gamero-Esteban, Miguel, Amores-Carredano, Fernando, Ocana-Garcia De Veas, Aurora

  12. Man's best friend for eternity: dog and human burials in ancient Egypt

    Contributor(s):: Ikram, Salima

  13. More questions than answers: the singular animal deposits from Camino de Las Yeseras (Chalcolithic, Madrid, Spain)

    Contributor(s):: Liesau, Corina, Daza, Arantxa, Llorente, Laura, Morales, Arturo

  14. Nineteenth-century butchery and transport for a market economy: Plum Grove as a case study for commercial transactions in the Midwestern USA

    Contributor(s):: Reynolds, Cerisa R., Kendall, Bryan, Whittaker, William E., Charlton, Thomas H.

  15. Pan-grave faunal practices - Ritual deposits at five cemeteries in Lower Nubia

    Contributor(s):: Bangsgaard, Pernille

  16. Personal ornaments from the sepulchral cave of Grosse Ofnet (Germany): implications for the social organisation of the last Swabian Mesolithic societies

    Contributor(s):: Rigaud, Solange

  17. Subsistence activities at 19th-century shore whaling station sites in New Zealand and Australia: a zooarchaeological perspective

    Contributor(s):: James-Lee, Tiffany

  18. The food of the dead: alimentary offerings in the Etruscan-Celtic necropolis of Monterenzio Vecchio (Bologna, Italy)

    Contributor(s):: Maini, Elena, Curci, Antonio

  19. The role of birds as grave gifts in richly furnished Roman Iron Age inhumation graves c. 1-375 AD, eastern Denmark

    Contributor(s):: Gotfredsen, Anne Birgitte

  20. The versatility of bone, ivory and horn - their uses in the Sheffield cutlery industry

    Contributor(s):: Unwin, Joan