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  1. Jaguars, shamans and rulers in Olmec art

    Contributor(s):: Joralemon, Peter David

  2. La femme, le chat, l'aurochs et le rhinocéros dans le néolithique saharien

    Contributor(s):: Van Albada, Axel

  3. Late Copper Age vessel with cattle head decoration from Vác

    Contributor(s):: Kővári, K.

  4. Representation of humans and animals in Greece and the Balkans during the earlier Neolithic

    Contributor(s):: Nanoglou, Stratos

  5. The arts of memory: icons and structural violence in a Dublin [underclass] housing estate

    Contributor(s):: Saris, A. Jaime, Bartley, Brendan

  6. The Fall from Eden, critical theory, and the Teletubbies

    Contributor(s):: Britt, Brian

  7. Wild nature? : human-animal relations on Neopalatial Crete

    Contributor(s):: Shapland, Andrew

  8. Altered states: human-animal transformational images in Dorset art

    Contributor(s):: LeMoine, Genevieve, Crabtree, P. J., Ryan, Kathleen

  9. Domestication of the ass and pack transport by animals: a case of technological change

    Contributor(s):: Ovadia, Eran, Bar-Yosef, Ofer, Khazanov, Anatoly M.

  10. 'It Is As Bad To Be a Black Man's Animal As It Is To Be a Black Man' - The Politics of Species in Sol Plaatje's Native Life in South Africa

    Contributor(s):: Swart, Sandra

  11. Animal Ecologies: Laurie Spiegel's musical explorations of urban wildlife

    Contributor(s):: Feisst, Sabine

  12. Beast in the epic machine| A study of animal imagery in Augustan art and literature

    Contributor(s):: Thomas Wayne Feeley

  13. The relationship between the animalistic and the artistic: a therapeutic model integrating animal-assisted psychotherapy with art therapy [Practice]

    Contributor(s):: Maayan, E., Lakh, E., Parish-Plass, N.

  14. Genies of the Opacity of Human-Animal Relationships in Kakande, Guinea

    Contributor(s):: Vincent Leblan, Blandine Bricka

    This article investigates what it means for some inhabitants of northwestern Guinea to relate to the realm of 'nature' and, more specifically, to animals that are categorized as 'wild' by Westerners. The materials analysed in this article include villagers' narratives about...

  15. All Creatures

    Contributor(s):: Mather, Christine

  16. An Idaho Shield-Bearing Warrior Site With Great Plains Affiliation

    Contributor(s):: Merrell, Carolynne, Johnson, Robyn

  17. Archaic art

  18. Cultural Representations Of Problem Animals In National Geographic

    Contributor(s):: Kalof, Linda, Amthor, Ramona Fruja

  19. Exhibitions Of Interest

    Contributor(s):: Josefiak, Melissa

  20. Harry Whittier Frees, World-Famous Animal Photographer

    Contributor(s):: Weigley, Mary L.