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  1. Guide Dog Users, Inc.

    Guide Dog Users Inc., (GDUI), is the leading consumer-driven organization of guide dog handlers in the world. GDUI is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind (ACB) and is a founding member of the Coalition of Assistance Dog Organizations (CADO). We strive to promote civil rights...

  2. The integration of animal companions in a narrative therapy approach

    Contributor(s):: Keshishian, Sareen L.

  3. The healing role of assistance dogs: What these partnerships tell us about the human–animal bond

    Contributor(s):: Sally Irvin

    There are more than 22,000 individuals in the United States who are partnered with an assistance dog. Partnership with an assistance dog has been shown to have significant benefits for the human partner. These benefits include increased ability of people to perform activities of daily living;...

  4. Parents' perspective on the value of assistance dogs for children with autism spectrum disorder: a cross-sectional study

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Louise Burgoyne, Lisa Dowling, Anthony Fitzgerald, Micaela Connolly, John P Browne, Ivan J Perry

    While there is an emerging literature on the usefulness of assistance dogs for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), there is a dearth of quantitative data on the value of assistance dog interventions for the family unit and family functioning. Using previously validated scales and scales...

  5. Oct 27 2014

    Courthouse Dogs Conference

    Speakers include:James Ha, PhD, Animal BehavioristBrenda Kocher, volunteer guardian ad litumMarina Hall Phillips, Expert Dog BreederDavid Crenshaw, PhD, Clinical PsychologistFor more information...

  6. Animal Assisted Intervention International

  7. Creature comfort? Animal assistance in therapeutic work with children and young people

    Contributor(s):: Brazier, Anna

  8. Writing letters to help patients with service and support animals

    Contributor(s):: Ensminger, John J., Thomas, J. Lawrence

  9. Obstacles and anticipated problems with acquiring assistance dogs, as expressed by Japanese people with physical disabilities

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Mariko Yamamoto, Lynette A. Hart, Mitsuaki Ohta, Koji Matsumoto, Nobuyo Ohtani

    In western countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, many people with disabilities benefit from the help their assistance dogs provide. In contrast, assistance dogs have not become widespread in Japan. This study explores the perspectives of Japanese people with disabilities,...

  10. Dogs With Wings

    We are a leader in the international community of assistance dog training schools.  Our mission is to foster integration and independence for people with disabilities by providing them with highly trained assistance dogs and aftercare.Our goals are to train and graduate sufficient, qualified...

  11. Service Canines

    Service Canines is dedicated to providing all the information about service/therapy/emotional support dogs in one place. Whether you are looking for a dog for yourself or trying to determine if your dog is therapy dog material, we are your source for service dog info.

  12. Support Dogs, Inc.

    We area national nor-for-profit organization that offers dignity, hope, and independence by providing highly skilled assistance dogs to individuals with disabilities, and uniquely trained therapy dogs to serve the community. 

  13. Smart Pups

    Smart Pups is an Australian Charity organisation training Assistance Dogs for Special Needs Children.  The Smart Pups are task-specific Assistance Dogs trained to improve the quality of life for children with Autism and Seizure related syndromes. As well as...

  14. Lions Hearing Dogs

    Lions hearing dogs have transformed the lives of hundreds of Australians. They give their owners the opportunity to become more independent and are loyal companions for many years. 

  15. Canine Helpers for the Disabled Inc.

    Canine Helpers is a community support organisation that provides assistance to people with a disability through the training and placement of different types of assistance dogs, including:Service Dogs for people with physical disabilities;Therapy Dogs for people with many other types of...

  16. Dogs In Service

    Dogs In Service believes that dogs and humans can have a special bond that promotes a working relationship. Years ago (and in some places even now) dogs had the opportunity to do what they were bred to do. Dogs worked with man all day guarding or herding sheep, hunting, pulling a wagon etc.Dogs...

  17. Canines 4 Hope

    Canines 4 Hope, located in Palm City, Palm Beach County, South Florida is a certified Service Dog and Dog Obedience Training Academy specializing in personalized dog training for Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Alert Dogs nationwide for over 20 years!

  18. Canadian Service Dog Foundation

    Canadian Service Dog Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to assisting people who live with a serious disability through use of trained service dogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals; and to support human safety through use of trained police service...

  19. Canine Assistance Rehabilitation Education & Services (CARES, Inc.)

    The largest specialty service CARES has to offer is the provision of canine assistants to people across the United States. This aspect is what makes CARES so unique among other canine assistance schools. CARES is one of the only schools that acts as a center for independent living, which is the...

  20. New England Pet Partners, Inc.

    New England Pet Partners Inc. is a non-profit organization - 501(c)(3), #17597 that trains, evaluates and supports Registered Pet Assisted Therapy and Reading Education Assistance Dog Teams. While most of our partners are dogs, we joyfully partner up with cats and occasionally horses.