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  1. Exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke enhances respiratory symptoms and responses to animals in 8,819 children in kindergarten: results from 25 districts in northeast China.

    Contributor(s):: Dong, Guang-Hui, Ren, Wan-Hui, Wang, Da, Yang, Zong-Hua, Zhang, Peng-Fei, Zhao, Ya-Dong, He, Qin-Cheng

  2. Second-hand tobacco smoke and allergens—Double jeopardy for childhood asthma exacerbations

    Contributor(s):: Kabir, Z. , Clancy, L.

  3. The effects of chronic exposure to common bedding materials on the metabolic rate and overall health of male CD-1 mice

    Contributor(s):: Becker, C. E., Mathur, C. F., Rehnberg, B. G.

    Anecdotes and personal Web pages claim that cedar and pine beddings cause respiratory distress in rodents, although no previous research could be found to support these claims. There have, however, been published studies of respiratory distress in cedar and pine mill workers. That research links...

  4. A multiple indicators multiple cause (MIMIC) model of respiratory health and household factors in Chinese children: The Seven Northeastern Cities (SNEC) Study

    Contributor(s):: Dong, Guang-Hui, Qian, Zhengmin, Fu, Qiang, Wang, Jing, Trevathan, Edwin, Ma, Wenjun, Liu, Miao-Miao, Wang, Da, Ren, Wan-Hui, Ong, Kee-Hean, Ferguson, Tekeda Freeman, Riley, Erin, Simckes, Maayan

  5. Association between pet ownership and the sensitization to pet allergens in adults with various allergic diseases

    Contributor(s):: Park, YongBum, Mo, EunKyung, Lee, JaeYoung, Kim, JooHee, Kim, CheolHong, Hyun, InGyu, Choi, JeongHee

  6. Exposure to cats: update on risks for sensitization and allergic diseases

    Contributor(s):: Dharmage, S. C., Lodge, C. L., Matheson, M. C., Campbell, B., Lowe, A. J.

  7. Pet Parenting

    Contributor(s):: Karlsberg, Elizabeth

  8. Allergen avoidance does not alter airborne cat allergen levels in classrooms

    Contributor(s):: Karlsson, A. S., Renström, A., Hedrén, M., Larsson, K.

  9. Increased personal respirable endotoxin exposure with furry pets

    Contributor(s):: Rabinovitch, N., Liu, A. H., Zhang, L., Foarde, K., Rodes, C. E., Gelfand, E. W.

  10. The PASTURE project: EU support for the improvement of knowledge about risk factors and preventive factors for atopy in Europe

    Contributor(s):: von Mutius, E., Schmid, S.

  11. Pet birds and risks of respiratory disease in Australia: a review

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Gorman, Jessica, Cook, Angus, Ferguson, Chantal, van Buynder, Paul, Fenwick, Stan, Weinstein, Philip

    Objective: Exposure to birds has long been associated with disease in humans. Three respiratory diseases (psittacosis, allergic alveolitis and asthma) were reviewed in association with pet bird ownership with the aim to clarify the spectrum of avian-related respiratory...

  12. Home environment and severe asthma in adolescence: a population based case-control study

    | Contributor(s):: Strachan, D. P., Carey, I. M.

  13. Parental education and children's respiratory and allergic symptoms in the Pollution and the Young (PATY) study

    | Contributor(s):: Gehring, U., Pattenden, S., Slachtova, H., Antova, T., Braun-Fahrländer, C., Fabianova, E., Fletcher, T., Galassi, C., Hoek, G., Kuzmin, S. V., Luttmann-Gibson, H., Moshammer, H., Rudnai, P., Zlotkowska, R., Heinrich, J.

  14. Prevalence and correlates of paediatric asthma and wheezing in a largely rural USA population

    | Contributor(s):: Arif, A. A., Borders, T. F., Patterson, P. J., Rohrer, J. E., Xu, K. T.

  15. Prevalence and correlates of household exposures to tobacco smoke and pets in children with asthma

    | Contributor(s):: Wamboldt, Frederick S., Ho, Joyce, Milgrom, Henry, Wamboldt, Marianne Z., Sanders, Barbara, Szefler, Stanley J., Bender, Bruce G.

  16. 17q12-21 and asthma: interactions with early-life environmental exposures

    | Contributor(s):: Blekic, M., Kljaic Bukvic, B., Aberle, N., Marinho, S., Hankinson, J., Custovic, A., Simpson, A.

  17. Sensitization to pets is a major determinant of persistent asthma and new asthma onset in Sweden

    | Contributor(s):: Uddenfeldt, M., Janson, C., Lampa, E., Rask-Andersen, A.

  18. Exposure to pets, and the association with hay fever, asthma, and atopic sensitization in rural children

    | Contributor(s):: Waser, M., Von Mutius, E., Riedler, J., Nowak, D., Maisch, S., Carr, D., Eder, W., Tebow, G., Schierl, R., Schreuer, M., Braun-Fahrlander, C.

  19. Development of atopy and wheezing symptoms in relation to heredity and early pet keeping in a Swedish birth cohort

    | Contributor(s):: Sandin, Anna, Björksten, Bengt, Bråbäck, Lennart

  20. Prenatal exposure to mite and pet allergens and total serum IgE at birth in high-risk children

    | Contributor(s):: Schonberger, H. J., Dompeling, E., Knottnerus, J. A., Kuiper, S., Weel, C., Schayck, C. P.