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  1. Lamina-dependent calibrated BOLD response in human primary motor cortex

    Contributor(s):: Guidi, Maria, Huber, Laurentius, Lampe, Leonie, Gauthier, Claudine J., Möller, Harald E.

  2. Increased ventral premotor cortex recruitment after arm training in an fMRI study with subacute stroke patients

    Contributor(s):: Horn, Ulrike, Roschka, Sybille, Eyme, Katharina, Walz, Andrea-Daniela, Platz, Thomas, Lotze, Martin

  3. Commentary on: "perceptions of equine-assisted activities and therapies by parents and children with spinal muscular atrophy"

    Contributor(s):: Sanders-Holly, C., Wade, E.