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  1. Dolphins in the Human Mind: What Characteristics Do German Students Attribute to Dolphins, Compared with Apes and Whales? An Exploratory Study

    Contributor(s):: Stumpf, Eva

    Research on anthrozoology has greatly increased in recent decades, especially with regard to anthropomorphism and attitudes toward animals in general. Nevertheless, these studies have rarely distinguished between different nonhuman species. Previous studies have indicated human preferences for...

  2. Compartmentalization of Animals: Toward an Understanding of How We Create Cognitive Distinctions between Animals and Their Implications

    Contributor(s):: Amiot, Catherine E., Lépine, Olivier, Zaky, Julie

  3. A Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Reduce Loneliness

    Contributor(s):: Masi, C. M., Chen, H. Y., Hawkley, L. C., Cacioppo, J. T.

  4. Domestic violence and the abuse of pets: researching the link and its implications in Ireland

    Contributor(s):: Allen, Mary, Gallagher, Barbara, Jones, Boyd

  5. Dog Bites Boy: Judgments of Blame and Shame

    Contributor(s):: Rajecki, D. W., Rasmussen, Jeffrey Lee, Modlin, Susan J., Holder, Angela M.

  6. Belief in Animal Mind: Does Familiarity with Animals Influence Beliefs about Animal Emotions?

    Contributor(s):: Morris, P., Knight, S., Lesley, S.

  7. Interactionism and animal aesthetics: A theory of reflected social power

    Contributor(s):: Berry, B.

  8. Missing links in social cognition: The continuum from nonhuman agents to dehumanized humans

    Contributor(s):: Kwan, Virginia S. Y., Fiske, Susan T.

  9. When we need a human: Motivational determinants of anthropomorphism

    Contributor(s):: Epley, Nicholas, Waytz, Adam, Akalis, Scott, Cacioppo, John T.

  10. Understanding dogs: Caretakers' attributions of mindedness in canine-human relationships

    Contributor(s):: Sanders, Clinton R.

  11. Caregiver attributions are not just for children: Evidence for generalized low power schemas

    Contributor(s):: Sims, Valerie K., Chin, Matthew G., Eckman, Melissa L., Enck, Brian M., Abromaitis, Susanne M.

  12. Animals as reflexive thinkers

    | Contributor(s):: Kalof, Linda, Fitzgerald, Amy

    The study of animals - and the relationship between humans and other animals - is now one of the most fiercely debated topics in contemporary science and culture. Animals have a long history in human society, providing food, labour, sport and companionship as well as becoming objects for exhibit....

  13. 'Unwilling' versus 'unable': Do grey parrots understand human intentional actions?

    | Contributor(s):: Péron, Franck, Rat-Fischer, Lauriane, Nagle, Laurent, Bovet, Dalila

  14. Attribution of cognitive states to animals: Anthropomorphism in comparative perspective

    | Contributor(s):: Eddy, Timothy J., Gallup, Gordon G., Povinelli, Daniel J.

  15. Section 2. Mind

    | Contributor(s):: Mead, George Herbert, Gubrium, Jaber F., Sanders, Clinton R.

  16. Relational dimensions of dog ownership

    | Contributor(s):: Walton, John R., McConocha, Diane M.