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  1. The Barn at Spring Brook Farm

    The Barn at Spring Brook Farm sits on 13 acres of open space including green pastures, gardens, and nature trails. Our fully accessible Chester County bank barn was designed specifically to provide opportunities for children with disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, to participate...

  2. Canine Support Teams, Inc.

    Founded in 1989, by Carol Roquemore, Canine Support Teams provides service dogs to increase the ability of someone with disabilities to live independently while simultaneously providing loving companionship. Canine Support Teams is a non-profit organization, made possible by the many people who...

  3. K-9s for Kids

    When a diagnosis of Autism comes to your family your entire world changes. Life becomes rearranged around your child and his or her special needs. Families continually have to juggle appointments with specialists, going to therapies, and working on skills such as communication, social skills, and...

  4. Autism & therapeutic riding: a pilot study

    Contributor(s):: Shoffner, Amy, Gabriels, Robin

  5. Dolphin-assisted therapy for autism and other developmental disorders: a dangerous fad

    Contributor(s):: Marino, Lori, Lilienfeld, Scott O.

  6. ผลของโปรแกรมบำบัดด้วยช้างไทยต่อความสามารถพื้นฐานและพฤติกรรมการปรับตัวในบุคคลออทิสติก: การศึกษานำร่อง

    Contributor(s):: Satiansukpong, N., Vittayakorn, S., Pongsaksri, M., Sung-U, S., Pedugsorn, M., Phiraban, C., Sasat, D.

  7. Treatment of autism and attachment with interpersonal equine therapy

    Contributor(s):: Edwards, Sara D., Trotter, Kay Sudekum

  8. Care farms as a short-break service for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Contributor(s):: Ferwerda-van Zonneveld, R. T., Oosting, S. J., Kijlstra, A.

  9. Children-robot interaction: a pilot study in autism therapy

    Contributor(s):: Kozima, H., Nakagawa, C., Yasuda, Y.

  10. Dolphin Therapy: The Playful Way to Work toward the Next Step

    Contributor(s):: Wermer, Maaike

  11. Integrating Therapy Dog Teams in a Physical Activity Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Contributor(s):: Obrusnikova, Iva, Cavalier, Albert R., Bibik, Janice M., Manley, Kyle

  12. L'enfant avec un autisme et l'animal dans un lien signifant: Des possibilités d'interventions thérapeutiques

    Contributor(s):: Maurer, Marie, Delfour, Fabienne, Trudel, Marcel, Adrien, Jean-Louis

  13. Pilot study measuring the effects of therapeutic horseback riding on school-age children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders

    Contributor(s):: Gabriels, Robin L., Agnew, John A., Holt, Katherine D., Shoffner, Amy, Zhaoxing, Pan, Ruzzano, Selga, Clayton, Gerald H., Mesibov, Gary

  14. The effects of equine-assisted therapy in improving the psychosocial functioning with children with autism

    Contributor(s):: Memishevikj, Haris, Hodzhikj, Saudin

  15. Clinical material

    Contributor(s):: Rhode, Maria

    Finn is a fostered boy aged eight, seen three times a week for psychotherapy. He and an older sibling were removed from his parents when Finn was aged five, and placed with the current foster carers. The placement has periodically been jeopardised by his chaotic and destructive behavior, which...

  16. Effects of therapeutic riding in children with autism

    Contributor(s):: Mason, Misty A.

  17. Pet dog ownership in families of children with autism: Children's social skills and attachment to their dogs

    Contributor(s):: Carlisle, Gretchen K.

  18. Dec 12 2014

    Evening of Animals as Therapy

    The event will be held in honor of The Nexus School, which is devoted to educating children within the autism spectrum. From 5 to 7pm the public can meet patient and loving “four-leggeds” who make...

  19. New Directions in Canine Assisted Therapy for Children: Our Entwined Future

    01 Dec 2014 | Posted by Patty Dobbs Gross

      This is the last column in a series of ten written for Purdue’s excellent site, and I confess to being a bit emotional to be so close to finally completing this series. It has...

  20. New Directions in Canine Assisted Therapy: Spreading the Wealth

    25 Nov 2014 | Posted by Patty Dobbs Gross

      As the field of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) for children emerges, so does the importance of providing appropriate therapy for all children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. No...