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  1. The response of untamed (unbroken) ponies to conditions of road transport

    Contributor(s):: Knowles, T. G., Brown, S. N., Pope, S. J., Nicol, C. J., Warriss, P. D., Weeks, C. A.

    The response to a one-hour road journey was observed in 145 semi-feral ponies unused to handling. Ponies were transported singly or in groups of four or eight at a typical commercial 'high' stocking density or at a slightly reduced 'low' density (range 139 to 316 kg m-2). Blood samples were...

  2. Aurochs and potential cross-breeding with domestic cattle in Central Europe in the Eneolithic period; A metric analysis of bones from the archaeological site of Kutna Hora-Denemark (Czech Republic) (vol 43, pg 7, 2008)

    Contributor(s):: Kysely, R.

  3. The Ilama and the deer: dietary and symbolic dualism in the central Andes

    Contributor(s):: Goepfert, Nicolas