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  1. Slovakian pupils' knowledge of, and attitudes toward, birds

    Contributor(s):: Prokop, P., Kubiatko, M., Fancovicova, J.

    As the world's biodiversity is being destroyed, costs for nature protection activities increase. One proposed way to increase people's pro-environmental attitudes is to increase their knowledge base. It has been suggested that knowledge and attitudes are related, but no consensus in this field...

  2. Urban park visitors and their knowledge of animal species

    Contributor(s):: Randler, C., Hollwarth, A., Schaal, S.

    Informal or incidental learning in recreational parks has been rarely assessed, although most city-dwellers enjoy and appreciate wildlife in their day-to-day lives. Incidental or informal learning is non-intentional and grows out of spontaneous situations and is mostly self-directed. Here, we...

  3. Is sodium fluoroacetate (1080) a humane poison? The influence of mode of action, physiological effects, and target specificity

    Contributor(s):: Twigg, L. E., Parker, R. W.

    1080 (sodium fluoroacetate)-baiting programmes are an important and often the only option for reducing the impact of invasive vertebrate pests on biodiversity and agricultural production in Australia and New Zealand. These programmes are generally recognised as being target specific, and...

  4. Toward a synthesis of conservation and animal welfare science. (Special Issue: Conservation and animal welfare.)

    Contributor(s):: Fraser, D.

    Conservation biology and animal welfare science are multidisciplinary fields of research that address social concerns about animals. Conservation biology focuses on wild animals, works at the level of populations, ecological systems and genetic types, and deals with threats to biodiversity and...