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  1. The rationality of biofuel certification: a critical examination of EU biofuel policy

    Contributor(s):: Pols, A. J. K.

    Certification for biofuels has been developed to ensure that biofuel production methods adhere to social and environmental sustainability standards. As such, requiring biofuel production to be certified has become part of EU policy through the 2009 renewable energy directive (RED), that aims to...

  2. Ethics and biofuel production in Chile

    Contributor(s):: Roman-Figueroa, C., Paneque, M.

    Chile needs to diversify its energy supply, and should establish policies that encourage the production and use of biofuels. The demand for energy resources increases with population growth and industrial development, making it urgent to find green alternatives to minimize the impacts of...

  3. Large-scale land acquisition: evaluating its environmental aspects against the background of strong sustainability

    Contributor(s):: Voget-Kleschin, L.

    Large-scale land acquisition (LaSLA) in developing countries is discussed controversially in both the media as well as academia: Opponents point to negative social and environmental consequences. By contrast, proponents conceive of LaSLA as much needed investment into the formerly neglected...

  4. Agrarian ideals, sustainability ethics, and US policy: a critique for practitioners

    Contributor(s):: Graffy, E.

  5. The agricultural ethics of biofuels: a first look

    Contributor(s):: Thompson, P. B.

    A noticeable push toward using agricultural crops for ethanol production and for undertaking research to expand the range of possible biofuels began to dominate discussions of agricultural science and policy in the United States around 2005. This paper proposes two complementary philosophical...

  6. Biofuels: efficiency, ethics, and limits to human appropriation of ecosystem services

    Contributor(s):: Gomiero, T., Paoletti, M. G., Pimentel, D.

    Biofuels have lately been indicated as a promising source of cheap and sustainable energy. In this paper we argue that some important ethical and environmental issues have also to be addressed: (1) the conflict between biofuels production and global food security, particularly in developing...