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  1. Evaluation of moderate and low-powered lasers for dispersing double-crested cormorants from their night roosts

    Contributor(s):: James F. Glahn, Greg Ellis, Paul Fioranelli, Brian S. Dorr

    The double-crested cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus) is the primary avian predator on the southern catfish industry, estimated to cause $5 million in damage per year. To date, the most effective strategy for alleviating cormorant depredations in areas of intensive catfish production is...

  2. Fertility control of California ground squirrels using GnRH immunocontraception

    Contributor(s):: Paul B. Nash, David K. James, Lucia T. Hui, Lowell A. Miller

    Population of wildlife, such as California ground squirrels, can grow to the extent that they come in conflict with humans. Contraception is a method of population management under investigation that may be useful in situations where neither leaving the animals uncontrolled nor lethal control are...

  3. An international gene bank for guide dogs: organisation, utilization and potential

    Contributor(s):: Kolosi, J., Gunn, I. M.

    The Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia (RGDAA) has a breeding population of Labrador Retrievers consisting of 30 females and 11 stud males. Frozen semen from guide dog centres in UK and USA is used in its breeding programme to minimize inbreeding. The RGDAA is establishing an international...