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  1. Human-Animal Interaction: A Complementary/Alternative Medical (CAM) Intervention for Cancer Patients

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Rebecca A., Meadows, Richard L., Haubner, Jennifer S., Sevedge, Kathy

  2. First person. Goldens rule: two golden retrievers help a cancer survivor live and love

    Contributor(s):: Schnipper, H. H.

  3. 'Complementary' care eases chemotherapy experience

    Contributor(s):: Ince, S.

  4. Pet therapy: canine breast cancer survivor lifts spirits

  5. Big Al, dog detective

    Contributor(s):: Forman, H.

  6. Big Al, doggy diagnostician

    Contributor(s):: Forman, H.

  7. Big Al, dog detective

    Contributor(s):: Forman, H.

  8. Big Al, dog detective

    Contributor(s):: Forman, H.

  9. Big Al, dog detective

    Contributor(s):: Forman, H.

  10. Horses help heal cancer patients & their loved ones: neurosurgeon teams up with resort for cancer patients to teach overcoming fear & sense of powerlessness

    Contributor(s):: Erikson, J.

  11. Horse whisperings

    Contributor(s):: Krueger, A., Hey, B., Reynes, A.

  12. Finding joy in the saddest faces

    Contributor(s):: Booth, C.

  13. Animal instincts

    Contributor(s):: Huff, Charlotte

  14. Finding hope. Pet project: with pet therapy, "dog days" take on new meaning

    Contributor(s):: Weber, P. J.

  15. [Pet ownership and health status of pets from immunocompromised children, with emphasis in zoonotic diseases]

    Contributor(s):: Abarca, V. K., Lopez Del, P. J., Pena, D. A., Lopez, G. Jc

  16. Mesothelioma in pet dogs associated with exposure of their owners to asbestos

    Contributor(s):: Glickman, L. T., Domanski, L. M., Maguire, T. G., Dubielzig, R. R., Churg, A.

    Histologically confirmed mesothelioma was diagnosed at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital in 18 dogs between 1977 and 1981. Interviews with owners revealed an association with an asbestos-related occupation in many cases. Fibres of chrysolite asbestos were identified in 3 dogs.

  17. Natural exposure studies in pet animals: sentinels for environmental carcinogens

    Contributor(s):: Glickman, L. T.

  18. Natural exposure studies in pet animals - sentinels for environmental carcinogens

    Contributor(s):: Glickman, L.

  19. Pattern of diet and obesity in female adult pet dogs

    Contributor(s):: Glickman, L. T., Sonnenschein, E. G., Glickman, N. W., Donoghue, S., Goldschmidt, M. H.

    A telephone questionnaire to the owners of 146 female adult dogs with breast cancer and 143 female dogs with other cancers that had participated in a larger epidemiological study was used to describe what dogs eat in terms of total energy intake; the percentage of calories derived from commercial...

  20. Animal-assisted therapy for improving human health

    Contributor(s):: Cevizci, S., Erginoz, E., Baltas, Z.

    Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) or Pet Therapy is an adjunctive therapy that takes advantage of human and animal interaction, activates physiological and psychological mechanisms, and initiates positive changes to improve metabolic health. In recent years, this interaction is use to treat...