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  1. Sam's Hope

    Founded in February 2013, Sam's Hope, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of companion animals by keeping those facing economic and health challenges, and their pets together through pet food and veterinary care assistance programs. Our hope is that all pets...

  2. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society

    The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) exists to prevent cruelty, alleviate pain, fear and suffering in animals and to promote a society based on humane principles. PAWS is a credible nationwide non-profit organization, composed of a network of committed, compassionate and trustworthy...

  3. Rio Grande Valley Therapy Pets

    Rio Grande Valley Therapy Pets is a volunteer organization established to raise awareness of the benefits of animal therapy, and to encourage and assist pets and pet owners to become registered as therapy animal teams in South Texas. 

  4. URI People and Animals Living Safely (URIPALS)

    Urban Resource Institute’s(URI) programs are about supporting individuals and families and protecting the whole family from abuse—and we knew a solution was needed. That’s why we’ve launched URIPALS—People and Animals Living Safely, a pilot program at URI’s...

  5. Animals 2U

    At Animals 2U our mission is to provide a unique, fun, educational and engaging animal experience in a supervised, supportive, and caring environment. All of our animals are friendly and have been hand raised at our farm. Our mobile animal farm is suitable for all occasions and all ages, offering...

  6. Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado

    Contributor(s):: Ellen Winston

    Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado (AATPC) is a nonprofit mental health center that provides animal assisted therapy and psychotherapy to clients in order to capitalize on the healing power and positive impact of the human-animal bond in a positive, motivating, and...

  7. Love on a Leash

    Love On A Leash is a non-profit organization which dedicates itself to reaching out to the community through therapy animals. The chapters visits nursing homes, hospitals, children’s homes, veteran centers, and more, using pet-provided therapy to brighten someone's day.

  8. Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness and Learning Society

    Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness and Learning Society (CAAWLS) is an innovative not-for-profit initiative that assists in the development, planning, and implementation of AAT at a wide variety of facilities.  At CAAWLS, they recruit and certify therapy animals including dogs, cats, birds,...

  9. Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

    A therapeutic dog therapy company in South Australia, Therapeutic Dog Services promotes human health and well being with animal assistance and conducting educational and training programs.  Their goal is to provide quality, innovative and inclusive services to enable people with acute...

  10. Healing Heart Foundation

    The Healing Heart Foundation, Inc., located in Appleton, Wisconsin,  and the programs it sponsors stem from the hearts of individuals who have nurtured and cared for their own pets and saw them through the journey of End of Life.  They envision the implemenation of...

  11. Pet-A-Pet

    Pet-A-Pet is non-profit, charitable organization providing pet therapy to hospitals, nursing homes and convalescent centers in the metro-Detroit area. While dogs are the primary pets in Pet-A-Pet, cats and even rabbits serve as four-legged therapists.

  12. Critter Assisted Therapy

    Critter Assisted Therapy, is a service offered by Critterish Allsorts, to provide animal assisted therapy services to individual's, groups and institutions, as well as local authorities and private providers of mental health care.

  13. Northwest Montana Pet Partners

    Northwest Montana Pet Partners conducts dog visitation programs through Pet Partners. The organization is licensed to evaluate and certify dogs (and cats) and their handlers.

  14. People, Animals, Nature Inc.

    PAN Inc. is a not for profit organisation helping disengaged young people through the positive trilogy of people, animals and nature. 

  15. Happy Tails

    Happy Tails Pet Therapy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Happy Tails volunteers share the unconditional love of their pets with people of all ages with physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs at healthcare facilities, social agencies and special needs programs throughout the metro...

  16. Touching Moments

    Touching Moments volunteers take their special pets to facilities for the purpose of being petted and socializing with the recipients creating a therapeutic atmosphere.

  17. Therapy Pets Unlimited

    Therapy Pets Unlimited, Inc. is a non-profit (status pending) therapy pet organization founded in 2014.Easing grief, stress, and loneliness through friendly pet visits.

  18. Young's Funny Farm

    Young's Funny Farm, located in PA, utilizes a variety of rescued animals for therapy work.

  19. Chimo Animal-Assisted Therapy

    Chimo Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is an innovative not-for-profit initiative that assists in the development, planning, and implementation of AAT at a wide variety of facilities.At Chimo AAT, we strive to bring those same benefits to all clients. We train all interested therapists and employ...

  20. New England Pet Partners, Inc.

    New England Pet Partners Inc. is a non-profit organization - 501(c)(3), #17597 that trains, evaluates and supports Registered Pet Assisted Therapy and Reading Education Assistance Dog Teams. While most of our partners are dogs, we joyfully partner up with cats and occasionally horses.