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  1. Validation of the Brazilian Portuguese version of the cat-owner relationship scale (CORS-BR)

    Contributor(s):: Luchesi, Suzana Helena, Machado, Daiana Souza, Trindade, Pedro Henrique Esteves, Otta, Emma

  2. Welfare and quality of life assessments for shelter cats: A scoping review

    Contributor(s):: Lamon, Tennille K., Slater, Margaret R., Moberly, Heather K., Budke, Christine M.

  3. Feline scratching in undesirable areasSkrabani kocek na nezadoucich mistech

    Contributor(s):: Kovaffkova, S.

  4. Using point-of-view cameras (Crittercams) to document potential risk behaviors for Guinea worm (Dracunculus medinensis) transmission in domestic cats in Chad, Africa

    Contributor(s):: Haynes, Ellen, Garrett, Kayla B., Box, Erin K., Zirimwabagabo, Hubert, Oaukou, Philip Tchindebet, Abernathy, Kyler, Yabsley, Michael J., Cleveland, Christopher A.

  5. Demographics and health care profiles of dogs and cats associated with the socioeconomic profile of their tutors in areas assisted by Family Health Strategies in Brazil

    Contributor(s):: Felipetto, L. G., Fernandes, F. D., Vogel, F. S. F., Flore, E. F., Botton, S. A., Sangioni, L. A.

  6. The relationship between feline-ality™, the interpersonal circumplex, and cat characteristics

    Contributor(s):: Darling, Saethra, Ha, James C.

  7. Animal welfare in relation to human welfare and sustainability - a review paper

    Contributor(s):: Broom, Donald M.

  8. Small animal general practitioners discuss nutrition infrequently despite assertion of indication, citing barriers

    Contributor(s):: Alvarez, Elizabeth E., Schultz, Kelly K., Floerchinger, Amanda M., Hull, Jennifer L.

  9. Cats Are Attached to Humans, After All

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Sebastian Ocklenburg


  10. Does Conservation Status Matter if You're Ugly? An Experimental Survey of Species Appeal and Public Support

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Natalie Theresa Redmond

    Wildlife conservation is of the utmost importance to the preservation of a healthy planet, with the extinction of wild animals increasing at previously unseen rates. However, conservation is also becoming increasingly difficult without strong public support, and this often varies in extent and...

  11. Body Size and Bite Force of Stray and Feral Cats—Are Bigger or Older Cats Taking the Largest or More Difficult-to-Handle Prey?

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Patricia A. Fleming, Heather M. Crawford, Clare H. Auckland, Michael C. Calver

    As carnivorans rely heavily on their head and jaws for prey capture and handling, skull morphology and bite force can therefore reflect their ability to take larger or more difficult-to-handle prey. For 568 feral and stray cats (Felis catus), we recorded their demographics (sex and age), source...

  12. Search methods that people use to find owners of lost pets

    | Contributor(s):: Lord, L. K., Wittum, T. E., Ferketich, A. K., Funk, J. A., Rajala-Schultz, P. J.

  13. Managing Our Relationship with Free-Roaming Cats in Zoopoland

    | Contributor(s):: Schaffner, Joan E.

  14. Confluence and Implications of Cats, Coyotes, and Other Mesopredators at a Feral Cat Feeding Station

    | Contributor(s):: Mitchell, Numi C., Strohbach, Michael W., Sorlien, Mariel N., Marshall, Scott N.

  15. Outdoor Cats: An Introduction

    | Contributor(s):: Lynn, William S., Santiago-Ávila, Francisco J., Stewart, Kristin L.

  16. Outdoor Cats: Science, Ethics, and Politics

    | Contributor(s):: Lynn, William S., Santiago-Ávila, Francisco J.

  17. Applying One Health to Free-Roaming Cats

    | Contributor(s):: Lindenmayer, Joann M., Bays, Danielle Jo, Pesek, Julia

  18. Consider the (Feral) Cat: Ferality, Biopower, and the Ethics of Predation

    | Contributor(s):: Holm, Nicholas

  19. Estimates of Domestic Cats in Urban Areas Using Interdisciplinary Science: The Washington D.C. Cat Count

    | Contributor(s):: Flockhart, D. T. Tyler, Lipsey, Lauren, Herrera, Daniel J., Belsley, Justin, Decker, Samuel T., Moore, Sophie M., Robinson, Erin, Kilgour, R. Julia, Gramza, Ashley, McShea, William, Cove, Michael V., Haston, Roger, Slater, Margaret R., Bays, Danielle Jo, Boone, John D.

  20. A science-based policy for managing free-roaming cats

    | Contributor(s):: Lepczyk, C. A., Duffy, D. C., Bird, D. M., Calver, M., Cherkassky, D., Cherkassky, L., Dickman, C. R., Hunter, D., Jessup, D., Longcore, T., Loss, S. R., Loyd, K. A. T., Marra, P. P., Marzluff, J. M., Noss, R. F., Simberloff, D., Sizemore, G. C., Temple, S. A., Heezik, Y. van