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  1. Attitudes and Perceptions of Pet Owners' Understanding of and Satisfaction with the Pet Memorialization Industry

    Contributor(s):: Donna Lipari

    This thesis explores the bond between owners and their pets and the grief that is experienced upon the death of a companion animal. The goal of this study was to investigate the attitudes and perceptions of pet owners who have lost a pet in the last 5 years, focusing specifically on the pet...

  2. 'Bamboo spine' in a migration period horse from Hungary

    Contributor(s):: Bartosiewicz, Laszlo

  3. Staromad'arské jazdecké pohrebisko v Leviciach-Géni

    Contributor(s):: Nevizánsky, Gabriel

  4. Tamagotchi - a link between doll and animal. Virtual cemetries for cyber-creatures

    Contributor(s):: Kamińska, Agnieszka

  5. Grief at the loss of a pet - As exemplified by the cat

    Contributor(s):: Gustavsson, Anders

  6. Parakeet to paradise: archaeology of a pet cemetery

    Contributor(s):: Gradwohl, David Mayer

  7. Vivre et construire la mort des animaux : le cimitière d'Asnières = Experiencing and organising the animals' death : Asnières cemetery = Der Tierfriedhof von Asnières : Erleben und Konstruktion des Todes

    Contributor(s):: Gaillemin, Bérénice

  8. Best Damm Dog We Ever Had": Some Folkloristic And Anthropological Observations On San Francisco's Presidio Pet Cemetery

    Contributor(s):: Meyer, Richard E., Gradwohl, David M.

  9. Coon Dog Graveyard

    Contributor(s):: Salem, Jim

  10. A unique human-fox burial from a pre-Natufian cemetery in the Levant (Jordan).

    Contributor(s):: Maher, Lisa A., Stock, Jay T., Finney, Sarah, Heywood, James J.N., Miracle, Preston T., Banning, Edward B.