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  1. Neural correlates for perception of companion animal photographs

    Contributor(s):: Hayama, S., Chang, L., Gumus, K., King, G. R., Ernst, T.

  2. Increased ventral premotor cortex recruitment after arm training in an fMRI study with subacute stroke patients

    Contributor(s):: Horn, Ulrike, Roschka, Sybille, Eyme, Katharina, Walz, Andrea-Daniela, Platz, Thomas, Lotze, Martin

  3. How should the welfare of fetal and neurologically immature postnatal animals be protected?

    Contributor(s):: Campbell, M., Mellor, D. J., Sandoe, P.

    Legal protection of the welfare of prenatal animals has not previously been addressed as a discrete subject within the academic literature on animal welfare, ethics and law. This paper aims to rectify this by reviewing the protections (or absence of protections) provided for fetuses by existing...

  4. Captive-bolt euthanasia of cattle: determination of optimal-shot placement and evaluation of the Cash Special Euthanizer KitReg. for euthanasia of cattle

    Contributor(s):: Gilliam, J. N., Shearer, J. K., Woods, J., Hill, J., Reynolds, J., Taylor, J. D., Bahr, R. J., Crochik, S., Snider, T. A.

  5. Dog attack: Physical trauma with associated brain injury

    Contributor(s):: Apps, Jennifer Niskala

  6. Self recognition and social awareness in the deconnected minor hemisphere

    Contributor(s):: Sperry, R. W., Zaidel, E., Zaidel, D.

  7. The effect of a therapy dog on the communication skills of an adult with aphasia

    Contributor(s):: LaFrance, C., Garcia, L. J., Labreche, J.

  8. Effectiveness of a rehabilitation dog in fostering gait retraining for adults with a recent stroke: A multiple single-case study

    Contributor(s):: Rondeau, Lynda, Corriveau, Hélène, Bier, Nathalie, Camden, Chantal, Champagne, Noël, Dion, Chantale