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    Founded in 1999, EAGALA is the leading international nonprofit association for professionals using equine therapy to address mental health and human development needs. Our vision is that every person worldwide will have access to these services known as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine...

  2. IorekSkAAT

    IntroductionIorekSkAAT is a small non profit organization. We are in the process of filing for 501 (3) c and it is not tax exempted yet. We are allowed to receive small donations from private donors or individuals. It mainly focuses on rabbits who perform animal-assisted therapy and animal...

  3. Therapet Animal Assisted Therapy

    Therapet currently has 80+ dogs, casts and a cockatoo working in the East Texas program and has helped establish programs in many states including Montana, Hawaii, New York, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Virginia and Louisiana.Therapet Foundation establishes goal oriented therapy programs with...

  4. Pet Prescription Team

    Pet Prescription Team was founded in 2003 for one purpose, to help pet owners train and certify their family pets for assisted therapy visits. Pet Prescription Team developed it's own personal Training manual and Policy and Procedure manual as well as classes to assist in the certification process.

  5. Service dogs. Final rule

    | Contributor(s):: Department of Veterans Affairs

  6. Economic, education, encouragement and enforcement influences within farm assurance schemes

    | Contributor(s):: Main, D. C. J., Mullan, S.

  7. Equivalency between EU and non-EU countries regarding animal welfare at slaughter

    | Contributor(s):: Cassidy, T.

  8. Non-economic incentives to improve animal welfare: positive competition as a driver for change among owners of draught and pack animals in India

    | Contributor(s):: Pritchard, J. C., Dijk, L. van, Ali, M., Pradhan, S. K.

  9. Veterinary certificates for emergency or casualty slaughter bovine animals in the Republic of Ireland: are the welfare needs of certified animals adequately protected?

    | Contributor(s):: Cullinane, M., O'Sullivan, E., Collins, G., Collins, D. M., More, S. J.

  10. Welfare outcomes assessment in laying hen farm assurance schemes

    | Contributor(s):: Main, D. C. J., Mullan, S., Atkinson, C., Bond, A., Cooper, M., Fraser, A., Browne, W. J.

  11. Noble goals and challenging terrain: organic and fair trade coffee movements in the global marketplace

    | Contributor(s):: Rice, R. A.

    An examination of the philosophies of fair-trade and organic coffee movements reveal that the philosophical underpinnings of both certified organic (CO) and fair-trade (FT) coffee run counter to the historical concerns of coffee production and trade. Data from surveys completed by 15...

  12. Paws and relax: one hospice's pet therapy journey

    | Contributor(s):: Browder, L. M.

  13. Personality and performance in military working dogs: reliability and predictive validity of behavioral tests

    | Contributor(s):: Sinn, D. L., Gosling, S. D., Hilliard, S.

    Quantification and description of individual differences in behavior, or personality differences, is now well-established in the working dog literature. What is less well-known is the predictive relationship between particular dog behavioral traits (if any) and important working outcomes. Here we...

  14. Hippotherapy: an effective approach to occupational therapy intervention

    | Contributor(s):: Latella, D., Langford, S.

  15. News & trends

  16. News & trends

  17. Carolyn and Hedy complete caregivers' class

    | Contributor(s):: Gerson, C.

  18. Health benefits of animal-assisted interventions

    | Contributor(s):: Morrison, M. L.

  19. Horses for Heroes

  20. Information for critical care nurses