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  1. The special significance of companion animals in children's lives

    Contributor(s):: Jalongo, Mary Renck, Robbins, Marsha R., Paterno, Reade

  2. Animals that heal: animal-assisted therapy with children

    Contributor(s):: Jalongo, Mary Renck, Robbins, Marsha R., Stanek, Marjorie L., Monroe, Dana M., Uhron-Patterson, Nancy

  3. Companion animals at home: what children learn from families

    Contributor(s):: Jalongo, Mary Renck, Stanek, Marjorie L., Fennimore, Beatrice S.

  4. Global companion animals: bonding with and caring for animals across cultures and countries

    Contributor(s):: Pattnaik, Jyotsna

  5. Companion animals in books: themes in children's literature

    Contributor(s):: Renck, Melissa Ann, Jalongo, Mary Renck, Brewster, Jeffrey C.

  6. Stars in a child's universe

    Contributor(s):: Rosen, Michael J.

  7. A friend at school: classroom pets and companion animals in the curriculum

    Contributor(s):: Twiest, Mark G., Twiest, Meghan Mahoney, Jalongo, Mary Renck

  8. Death of a grandparent or a parent

    Contributor(s):: Carey, Lois

  9. The role of companion animals in human development

    Contributor(s):: Melson, Gail F.

  10. Imaginary companions of preschool children

    Contributor(s):: Gleason, Tracy R., Sebanc, Anne M., Hartup, Wilard W.

  11. Children in the living world: Why animals matter for children's development

    Contributor(s):: Melson, Gail F.

  12. Principles for human

    Contributor(s):: Melson, Gail F.

  13. Childhood obesity and human

    Contributor(s):: Salmon, Jo, Timperio, Anna

  14. The child

    Contributor(s):: Alper, Lindsey Stroben