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  1. Educating Young People to Change Lives and Protect Animals: An Interview with Debra Corbett

    16 Mar 2015 | Posted by Katie Carroll

    Thinking back on our interactions with animals during our time as students, some of us remember a hamster incessantly running on the wheel in his cage in the corner of the classroom or maybe even a...

  2. More Animals in the Classroom: Interview with Maggie O'Haire

    27 Aug 2012 | Posted by Ross E Blythe

    Children with autism can have difficulty fitting into social settings and reading people. Empathy is often hard to cultivate. Research has indicated that in some cases, children with autism are...

  3. Unusual Animals in the Classroom: Encounter with a Pig

    03 Jul 2012 | Posted by Ross E Blythe

    Louie, named for Louis Armstrong, is a one-year-old, ten-pound, micro-miniature pig. He belongs to Savannah Smith, a practicum student studying special education at Ball State University. Louie is...