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  1. Preliminary Findings of a Ten-Item Scale to Assess the Commitment of Low-Income Owners to Their Companion Animals

    Contributor(s):: Rauktis, Mary E., Hoy-Gerlach, Janet, Sewall, Craig J. R., Lee, Hyunji, Bickel, Laura

  2. Agility Activities for Children in a Municipality in Norway

    Contributor(s):: Krøger, Elsebeth, Slettebø, Åshild, Fossum, Mariann

  3. The Miller-Rada Commitment to Pets Scale

    Contributor(s):: Staats, Sara, Miller, Deborah, Carnot, Mary Jo, Rada, Kelly, Turnes, Jennifer

    Commitment to pets is introduced and defined. Commitment to pets overlaps the construct of attachment to pets but adds to our developing understanding of the human-animal bond. Commitment is operationalized as a resolve to keep a pet in spite of challenges that require expenditures of personal...

  4. Perceived Best Ages for Cats, Dogs, and Humans: Comparisons across Species, Human Age, and Human Gender

    Contributor(s):: Staats, S., Anderson, T., Wallace, H., Miller, D.

  5. The biochemistry of family commitment and youth competence: Lessons from animal models

    Contributor(s):: Young, Larry J., Francis, Darlene D.