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  1. Seeing Eye puppies in residence: A unique approach to community service

    Contributor(s):: Brelsford, George W.

  2. Empathy and the power of virtual communities: Hannah Stonehouse Hudson at TEDxGullLake

    Contributor(s):: Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

    Hannah, a photographer and writer based on the south shore of Lake Superior, knows what it means to go viral. She experienced how a single photo placed on Facebook could change her world overnight, waking up the next morning with media calls and inquiries from around the world. Hannah's...

  3. The Urban Wildlife Conservation Program: Building a Broader Conservation Community

    Contributor(s):: Natalie R. Sexton, Danielle Ross-Winslow, Marcia Pradines, Alia M. Dietsch

    The National Wildlife Refuge System of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a long history of connecting people with nature. Increased conservation challenges coupled with societal changes pose challenging new questions for the Refuge System. The future success of conservation in America...

  4. The economics of the right to keep a dog: a case study of a private housing complex in Hong Kong

    Contributor(s):: Yau, Yung, Chiu, ShukMan

    Dog guardianship has gained popularity in many cities as a result of animal domestication. In spite of its benefits, dog guardianship in high-density urban housing creates certain problems, including increased health risks. Conflicts between different interested parties over the right to keep...

  5. Student Organization Sponsored Dog Training Classes Provide Experiential Learning Opportunity for Students and Community Participants

    Contributor(s):: Karr-Lilienthal, Lisa K., Norwood, Kristin, Morstad, Jill

  6. Toward zoopolis? Innovation and contradiction in a conservation community

    Contributor(s):: Seymour, Mona, Wolch, Jennifer

  7. Psychosocial well-being and community participation of service dog partners

    Contributor(s):: Collins, Diane M., Fitzgerald, Shirley G., Sachs-Ericsson, Natalie, Scherer, Marcia, Cooper, Rory A., Boninger, Michael L.

  8. Community outreach: promoting the bond

    Contributor(s):: Medernach, Ray, Arkow, Phil

  9. The Community Context of Animal and Human Maltreatment: Is there a Relationship between Animal Maltreatment and Human Maltreatment: Does Neighborhood Context Matter?

    Contributor(s):: Jodi Levinthal

    The purpose of the study is to explore the influence of demographic and neighborhood factors on the phenomenon of animal maltreatment in an urban setting as well as the association of animal maltreatment with human maltreatment. Using a unique dataset of animal maltreatment from the Pennsylvania...

  10. Looking to the future: adolescents with cerebral palsy talk about their aspirations - a narrative study

    Contributor(s):: Cussen, Amy, Howie, Linsey, Imms, Christine

  11. What people gain from dog ownership [Japanese]

    Contributor(s):: Kobayashi, Maasa

  12. Volunteering and animal rescue impacts people and communities: Laura Gonzo at TEDxGreensboro

    Contributor(s):: Laura Gonzo

    Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans with disastrous effects on people and families. Less known is the impact on family pets. This video documents efforts to save these pets. Laura is an active volunteer for animal rescue -- an involvement since 2001. She works with the National Canine...

  13. Encounters with the "Big Cats" of the Amur Region: Jeremy Nelson at TEDxMoncton

    Contributor(s):: Jeremy Nelson

    Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton, New Brunswick, has transformed over the last quarter century from a small game farm to a zoo industry leader and innovator in the areas of education, animal care and community involvement. Their latest venture - the design and construction of a gorgeous Amur Tiger...

  14. Cree taapiskaakan: community ties

    Contributor(s):: Oberholtzer, Cath

  15. Indigenous knowledge

    Contributor(s):: Morris, Brian

  16. The feast of Saint Stephen in Zanigrad: customs and horse breeding activities

    Contributor(s):: Ravnik, Mojca

  17. Canicide and healing: the position of the dog in the Inuit cultures of the Canadian Arctic

    Contributor(s):: Laugrand, Frederic

  18. Pet Advocate Program for the Homeless in Missoula, MT

    Contributor(s):: Lisa Jane Bruce

    Studies have shown the importance of the relationship that homeless individuals, including victims of domestic violence, have with their pets. This relationship can often create a barrier to accessing emergency shelters since not many shelters accept pets. This paper examines the need to create a...

  19. Patient Pup Helps Elementary Schools Dare to Love Reading

  20. Risk assessment of genetically modified food and neoliberalism: an argument for democratizing the regulatory review protocol of the Food and Drug Administration

    Contributor(s):: Meghani, Z.

    The primary responsibility of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to protect public health by ensuring the safety of the food supply. To that end, it sometimes conducts risk assessments of novel food products, such as genetically modified (GM) food. The FDA describes its regulatory...