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  1. Reducing the potential for human-snake encounters in a recreational park

    Contributor(s):: Carter, Evin T., Attum, Omar, Eads, Bryan C., Hoffman, Andrew S., Kingsbury, Bruce A.

  2. Distribution, complications, and outcome of footpad injuries in pet and military working dogs

    Contributor(s):: Hansen, L. A., Hazenfield, K. M., Olea-Popelka, F., Smeak, D. D.

    This study reports the findings of 120 traumatic pad injuries in pet and military dogs. Most dogs (68%) presented with a laceration to a thoracic limb footpad, and one-third of dogs were middle-aged castrated males. Metacarpal pads were most commonly injured. Short-term complications were noted...

  3. It's Complicated: Meet Dr. Hal Herzog

    14 Oct 2013 | Posted by Megan Kendall

    What is your relationship with animals? It is a harder question to answer than you might originally think. Whatever your answer may be, it is most likely to be both justified yet contradictory in...

  4. Clinical endocrinology of companion animals- a review

    Contributor(s):: Wendy Parker

    The purpose of this book, as stated by the authors, is to provide a text for both students and practitioners that discusses the current knowledge of endocrine diseases of companion animals. One might wonder about the use of the word "companion" rather than "small" animals as is usually the case,...

  5. Complications during shechita and halal slaughter without stunning in cattle

    Contributor(s):: Gregory, N. G., Wenzlawowicz, M. von, Holleben, K. von, Fielding, H. R., Gibson, T. J., Mirabito, L., Kolesar, R.

  6. Animal bites

    Contributor(s):: Patronek, Gary J., Slavinski, Sally A.

  7. An ethicist's commentary on the woman walking the arthritic dog

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  8. The art of private veterinary practice: seeing both sides of the problem

    Contributor(s):: Milani, M.

  9. Ear-tag chewing, ear rubbing and ear traumas in a small group of gilts after having electronic ear tags attached

    Contributor(s):: Sherwin, C. M.

    To facilitate field trials of a prototype computerised sow feeder, electronic and conventional ear tags were attached to a group of 7 gilts. Observations were made on ear-tag chewing, ear rubbing and traumas to ears during the following 16 days. The electronic ear tags were chewed significantly...

  10. Compromised health and welfare of bears farmed for bile in China

    Contributor(s):: Loeffler, I. K., Robinson, J., Cochrane, G.

    The practice of farming bears for bile extraction is legal in China and involves an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 animals, primarily Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus). This study outlines the compromises to health and welfare suffered by bears on bile farms and is based on the results of visits...