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  1. A Legislative History of Nonhuman Animal Fighting in the U.S. and Its Territories

    Contributor(s):: Pacelle, Wayne, Pacelle, Richard L.

  2. Advances in Applied Zoo Animal Welfare Science

    Contributor(s):: Ward, S. J., Sherwen, S., Clark, F. E.

  3. The complex issue of dog bites

    Contributor(s):: Bower, C.

  4. All take and no give?

    Contributor(s):: Honey, L.

  5. Why do pets misbehave and what can be done about it?

    Contributor(s):: Mills, G.

  6. Reexamining What We Stand to Lose: A Look at Reinitiated Consultation Under the Endangered Species Act

    Contributor(s):: Catherine E. Kanatas, Maxwell C. Smith

    This article first examines the role reinitiated consultation plays within Congress's statutory framework and concludes that in many ways, reinitiated consultation is the glue that holds the Endangered Species Act's protective scheme together. While the ESA generally prohibits any injury...

  7. Applying One Health to behaviour

    Contributor(s):: Bower, C.

  8. Should pet owners be regulated?

    Contributor(s):: Mills, G.

  9. The AVMA, the human-animal bond, and the one health movement

    Contributor(s):: McCulloch, W. F.

  10. European campaign to promote the benefits of pets to the elderly

  11. Thinking beyond one health

  12. Doing right by companion animals

    Contributor(s):: Jarvis, S.

  13. State of the Berryman Institute

    Contributor(s):: Ayers, C. R.

  14. Highlighting the importance of pets

  15. Positives and negatives of pet ownership