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  1. Pit Bulls Today

    Contributor(s):: Hannah Nation

    The motivation for this research paper is to shed a new light on the drastic effects negative stereotypes have on breeds that are deemed aggressive in the media and public’s eye. It’s important to understand the full scope of the situation in our society and the consequences that come...

  2. Ethical use of positive training methods: Improvement of the human-animal relationship

    Contributor(s):: Haverbeke, A., Stevens, M., Giffroy, J. M., Diederich, C.

  3. Legitimacy Concerns in Animal Advocacy Organizations during the Michael Vick Dogfighting Scandal

    Contributor(s):: Badano, S. E., Burgermeister, S. J., Henne, S., Murphy, S. T., Cole, B. M.

    Using the quasi-experimental setting of the Michael Vick dogfighting case, the researchers employed rich interview content to explore the question, "When a critical event occurs in the animal advocacy field, what motivates advocacy groups to respond?" The investigation reveals that what was...