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  1. Saving the World's Remaining Tigers: Panthera's Work and the Role of Non-Profits in Wildlife Conservation

    Contributor(s):: John Byrne

    This report will examine the conservation status of the tiger and measures that have been taken to protect wild populations. A discussion of its ecology and behavior is included to convey the variety of needs that are associated with establishing areas that can sustain viable populations. A look...

  2. The Role of Modern Zoos in Wildlife Conservation: From the WCS to the Wild

    Contributor(s):: John Scott

    The reality of the modern world is that humanity is increasing its population rapidly, and demanding more resources than the earth can provide. Humans are utilizing resources like water and fossil fuels, and are in turn polluting and causing a shift in the global climate. Most importantly, humans...

  3. Role of private owners in the conservation of exotic species

    Contributor(s):: Jessica L. Beetz

    This study examines the private ownership of exotic species, a topic very relevant to conservation that has long been ignored in the public sphere of policy and discussion. The private ownership of exotic species is a multifaceted issue that affects not only conservation, but also the domestic...

  4. Making Space for Mexican Wolves: Technology, Knowledge and Conservation Politics

    Contributor(s):: Paula D. Decker

    The use of geospatial technologies, including radio telemetry, GPS collars, and mapping software, has proliferated in wildlife conservation. In addition to being tools for research, though, tracking devices are increasingly used to control animals that have been reintroduced to natural areas....

  5. Good hunter| A study of the beliefs and motivations of appropriate hunting behavior by Montana hunters

    Contributor(s):: Chad M. Huddleston

  6. Avian Use of Suburban Greenways as Stopover Habitat

    Contributor(s):: Salina M. Kohut

    The decline of Neotropical migrant songbirds has called attention to the need for habitat conservation along the entire migratory route, and scientists now recognize the need to conserve stopover habitat in addition to habitat on the breeding and wintering grounds. Greenways are a popular means...

  7. The effects of anthropogenic noise and human activities on ungulate behavior

    Contributor(s):: Casey Lynn Brown

    The effect of anthropogenic noise on terrestrial wildlife is a relatively new area of study with broad ranging management implications. Human activities may increase noise in protected areas, including U.S. National Parks. Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) draws nearly 4 million visitors a year to...

  8. From The Brain To The Barrio: Energy And Stress Interact To Facilitate The Urbanization Of Sonoran Desert Birds.

    Contributor(s):: H.B. Fokidis, P. Deviche (adviser)

    The impact of urbanization on wildlife is becoming an important topic in conservation. However little is known concerning the proximate mechanisms involved which enable some species to persist in cities, while others perish. Adapting to novel city environments requires individuals to maintain a...

  9. The needs of emerging commercial farmers in Namibia in relation to human-carnivore conflict

    Contributor(s):: Bonnie Schumann

    Carnivore species globally are on the decline and population extinctions continue despite intensive conservation efforts. In Namibia, although 13.6 % of the country falls under the protection of national parks or game reserves, most of these protected areas are situated along the coastline and...

  10. Human-Wildlife Conflict Involving Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis) and Gelada Baboon (Theropithicus gelada) in and around Guassa Community Comservation Area, North Shoa, Ethiopia

    Contributor(s):: Andarge Engedasew

    A study on human - wildlife conflict involving Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) and gelada baboon (Theropithicus gelada) in and around Guassa Community Conservation Area was conducted from September, 2009 to May, 2010. The objective of this study was to fill information gap on human wildlife...

  11. Examining Human-Elephant Conflict in Southern Africa: Causes and Options for Coexistence

    Contributor(s):: M. Zoe Warner

    Though African elephants (Loxodonta africana) are listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), efforts to protect and conserve the species have been complicated by human-elephant conflict (HEC). Land conflicts may be the greatest...